An infinite number of people in their own little corner of the world are doing their bit to help shape changes that will enhance the lives of animals. Each has their own approach and distinct philosophies, but nonetheless share a common desire to liberate animals from abuse and exploitation.


Quill Pen

"I naively hired a shock trainer when I first got my dog, and I know first hand the damage that aversive training does to the dog and to the handler's relationship with the dog. Today, I am a trainer committed to exposing my clients to the joy and efficiency of R+ training. Once of my greatest regrets is the nature of my first exposure to dog training."
Emily Fisher, Ontario, Canada

"As an educated canine behaviour professional, I find the use of physical punishments, including shock collars, abusive and completely unnecessary. I have worked with countless humans, attempting to repair the damage done to the dog and to the dog/human relationship through the use of such weaponry in the name of "training". I am delighted to sign this petition and hope that one day, shock collars will be banned worldwide"
L. Patrona, USA

"In life pain is fated but to cause needless pain for another is sinful."
G. Haye, Burnaby, British Columbia

"This needs to be stopped now. Selling them off the shelves to anyone with no training is like selling guns on the shelves in supermarkets."
T. Shackleton, Surrey, British Columbia

"Not Cool"
P. Zulinov, Vancouver, B.C.

"Any dog CAN be trained by "Positive Methods"...there is no need to use force and or cruelty. Shock collars deliver an electrical shock and are known to cause bad injuries to animals, both physical and mental. They should be illegal."
SJ. Lounder, New Brunswick, Canada

"A good and caring human being would NEVER put a shock collar on a dog. Any person that buys a shock collar for their dog demonstrates just how lazy they really are in training their dog. If the dog can't be trained by positive reinforcement then build a fence!"
D. Keizer, New Brunswick, Canada

"I also believe that a ban on all shock devices should include a ban on home-owners' that disallow the use of a solid fence because these covenants contribute to the sale and use of shock fences."
K. LaPlace, Indiana, USA

"Shock collars are a cruel and lazy way to train a dog, it's antiquated and needs to evolve to safe and more reward based positive techniques that do not rely on fear and pain avoidance to get the message across. If you believe in shock collars put one on your neck and allow a correction the way you would administer them to a dog and see how if feels. Even better put one on your child."
C. Godi, Ontario, Canada

"We all breathe the same air, share the same planet, feel fatigue and hunger, loneliness and joy. It is imperative we take care of each other."
G. Williams, British Columbia , Canada

"Please ban the use and sale of schock collars, there are better and more humane ways of training animals. Shock collars are unnecessary gadgets and we need to evolve and not be stuck in marketing or pre-historical methods of training. Nothing justifies the use of these devices."
C. Estanislau, Portugal

"It's time these devices got banned. Enough is enough. Why do animals have to suffer this way. Don't punish, teach!"
S. Gottschalk, Kitchener, Ontario

"Great Website! I don't know why this went below my radar for so long, but found the link today on Facebook. I am so pleased there is a Canadian organization dedicated to banning the use of Shock Collars. I find them positively abhorrent. I will be printing and signing the Petition and mailing it to you, along with a few other signatures. I would also like to offer my services in any way I can help this cause. I am currently teaching obedience classes and constantly preaching the benefits of positive reinforcement and informing students of the downfalls of positive punishment. We need to see some real change regarding animals here in Canada."
K. Lee, Alberta, Canada

"I can't believe people use shock collars!"
Catherine, California, USA

"All members of organizations wanting to engage in the sale of shock collars should demonstrate them on their own necks. Surely this would curtail their activity."
C. Banish, Michigan, USA

"Ban Shock Collars!!!"
M. Jones, New Brunswick, Canada

"These devices can definitely be replaced with more humane and effective training tools."
V. Pells, Alberta, Canada

"I find it hard to imagine that we are still using electrical devices to control animals instead of training them. The worst part is that some trainers actually call this training."
C. Levasseur, New Brunswick, Canada

"I am completely against the use of shock collars, please ban them from being sold in Canada"
K. Rose, Alberta, Canada

"I support this petition wholeheartedly."
P. Cummins, New Brunswick, Canada

"I have a training and grooming facility, and have seen the horrific physical and emotional damage that is done using the shock collars. I would like these collars banned."
K. Dearlove, Ontario, Canada

"I agree, shock collars should be banned. They should at least be regulated. The general public should not have access to these collars and if they are to be used, there needs to be some kind of education that goes with them."
L. Schmidt, British Columbia, Canada

"This barbaric torture should be banned!"
M. Dlin, Alberta, Canada

"In addition to being inhumane, the use of shock collars can elicit aggressive behavior (caused by fear and confusion). Pet guardians who don't understand learning theory may not be able to trace the aggression back to its root cause, and may escalate the use of the shock collar, as the (shocked) animal is not behaving as desired. "
B. Tran, USA

"I think anyone who uses this on their pet should have to try it first on them selves."
The Dunhams, New Brunswick, Canada

"A horrible, horrible excuse to torture an animal. This is not training, it's venting your frustration and lack of ability to reasonably train on an innocent animal."
J. Prince, USA

"Thank you! Let me know if I can help you in anyway."
New York, USA

"Banning shock collar training is the key. Thank you."
G. Ryan, USA

"Try to imagine some angry person having complete control over you. Shocking you over and over. I know this happens. I've seen it."
L. Shephard, British Columbia, Canada

"Please stop this unnecessary mental and physical abuse of these poor, innocent animals."
G. Ostis, Massachusetts, USA

"There are better ways of getting compliance from dogs or other animals. Even difficult cases can be dealt with without shocking/hurting the animals. A cowering animal that has no real interest in being with its human or training at all...that's what the shock collar produces. Frankly, that's no way for anyone to live...animal or human."
P. Talbot, California, USA

"These are horrible and cruel man-made devices that don't work. There are so many better ways to work with dogs!"
Sandi Hildebrand, BC Canada

"I certainly agree to the banning of shock collars for their use on dogs and any other animals."
Juergen Wuerthwein, B.C. Canada

"Torture has no place in our relationship with animals, particularly with our pets. Shock collars need to be illegal, period."
Robert Ryder, Illinois, USA

"As a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant I've seen all too often the damage shock collars can do to a dog's behavior and well-being, and to the relationship between dog and human. I would love to see the collars banned, as has been done in some forward-thinking European countries."
Pat Miller, MD, USA

"Shock collars are unnecessary for training. They only induce fear. The use of shock collars is basically inhumane."
N. Tobis, Ontario, Canada

"Please ban the production of this shock collars. We have to understand that we do not have the right to use, mistreat, and hurt animals in any form. If one is not capable of training an animal in a respectful way recognizing what the animal IS, then one should buy a stuffed toy."
P. Gonzalez, Mexico

"Please ban the use of shock for 'training!' Negative reinforcement generates increased aggression in all animals, in particular dogs."
M. Kelly, USA

"With positive, effective methods available, as well as the availability of physical fences, there is no reason to use painful shock collars to train or contain dogs."
J. Biglin, Ohio, USA

"I've seen 1st hand what they do to dogs, makes it so much worse, as they are now reacting to the shock, it backfires!!!!!!!!! And it's sad that anyone can buy one over the counter with no training what so ever."
S. Carlson, USA

"The use of electric shock is clearly animal abuse; I don't see how it can be perceived as anything else. The use of positive punishment is totally unnecessary - we know the power of using force-free training and that is all that is required."
A. Turner, New Brunswick, Canada

"Using shock to "train" a dog is not training. It is abuse, purely and simply. In order to train a dog, one must actually do some work to ensure the animal understands what you are asking of it. This is best done by using rewards and being consistent."
S. Giordano, Georgia, USA

"I believe shock collars should, indeed, be illegal."
M. Stevens, Minnesota, USA

"There is no acceptable excuse to use electricity to train or contain dogs."
H. Larkey, Wyoming, USA

"Personally, I feel ...choke collars,...prong collars...need to be added to the list....and not sold at pet stores but sold at a vet’s office...or dog trainers facility...but take them out of the pet stores. Most employees are not trained how to use these collars which could kill or harm a dog."
Don, Burlington, Ontario

"Why pet owners find it acceptable to use these torturous devices on their dogs when they wouldn't think of using them on their kids escapes me."
A. Williams, Vancouver, B.C.

"Thank you for putting this petition together!"
P. Johnson, USA

"Your website is great. Thank you for doing this."
L. Kennedy, Vancouver, B.C.

"Shock collars are torture devices that have no place in modern, informed dog training."
T. Kirshbaum, AZ, USA

"Fully Supportive"
D. Evans, Essex, UK

"Stop shock collar use!"
J. Patton, USA

"Banning of these cruel instruments is the only humane option."
J. Pascale, Victoria, Australia

"Lets put a shock collar on all those who use them- so they know exactly how much they hurt."
Rebekah, Gold Coast, Australia

"This outrageous practice must be banned!"
Sarah De Oliverira, MA, USA

"Any type of suffering inflicted on others is culpable, but when it is done on defenceless persons is unforgivable and should therefore never be condoned."
Adriana Ferranti, Trieste, Italy

"This is disgraceful that people are using shock collars for animals. How inhumane and shocking! What a sick sad world of people who think this is the best way to train a helpless animal."
Tracy Samassa, NWS, Australia

"Appalling devices and tantamount to torture. Would you do it to your kids?"
Julie Hoskison, Sydney, Australia

"Every creature has a right to speak painlessly! I speak for the abolishment of shock collars!!!"
Nadia Nobili, Sydney, Australia

"This is such an unnecessary cruelty and should be stopped immediately. There are much more effective and pain free ways to train dogs PLEASE STOP THIS CRUELTY ASAP."
Holly Ash, Balgowlah, Australia

"I know of a woman that she thinks she is a dog lover.... She uses these horrible collars, because she said that her next door people don't want her dogs to bark... All 3 of this poor dogs have this battery control collars that causes electrical shock all day long while she is at work...."
SHelene, Italy

"I support a worldwide ban on the sale and use of shock collars for dogs."
Maureen O’Malley, Westport, Ireland

"Wipe out these cruel products and if shops keep selling these, boycott the shops until they change their minds."
Alison Herbert, Galway, Ireland

"Dogs don't need to be shocked into doing the right thing, they want to do the right thing."
Michelle Rivera, USA

"simply put....if it would be painful to you, its painful to them outlaw this insanity!"
Toni Lincoln, FL, USA

"Ban the shock collar."
Suchitra , Tamil Nadu, India

"We need to ban these in Ireland also."
Bernie Wright , Dublin, Ireland

"No good, conscientious, effective trainer would ever use these devices. They should be banned."
Angela McCarthy, Waterford, Ireland

Saijal Patel, B.C. Canada

"Stop Horror."
Gabriela Lazar ,Romania

"How about putting shock collars to children so they don’t get out of our control??!!"
Tamara Kreimerman ,Mexico City, Mexico

"Bann this barbaric equipment."
Engela Blom , Worcester, South Africa

"I am against the use of shock collars!"
Juliette Banks , Auckland, New Zealand

"Shock collars are only for lazy, stupid people who are either too cheap to build a fence or too lazy to actually WALK their dogs, then keep them inside."
David Bernazani , Concord, CA

"If someone could not make a friendship with his dog, he or she does not have a dog. So using abuse for discipline is barbaric habit."
Milan Djuric, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro

"Please,stop this absolutely horrific use of any shock device used on any animal!"
Bodil Gruwberger, Karlskrona, Sweden

"Shock collars are inhumane and need to be taken off the market. Would any of you like to wear one and be shocked? Do unto animals and if you would want done unto you! (Treat all animals with respect and protect them and love them!!!) It is our responsibility to respect and protect all life on earth!!!!G-d's rules, follow them! KARMA to all those who abuse animal and to all those who let it all continue!!!"
Sherry Gerszberg, New Jersey, USA

"The use of shock collars causes a lot of pain and suffering to the animals and hence should be banned."
Nachappa Sivanesan Uthraraj, Tamil Nadu, India

"You can't teach with pain! Positive reinforcements only!"
Tiffany Lake, NY, USA

"I oppose to the sale and use of shock collars on all animals"
Luz Maria Kisiel, Ontario, Canada

"We support this petition to stop the sale and use of shock collars, which cause unnecessary pain & suffering to animals in the name of "training"."
Paphiakos & CCP Animal Welfare, Kato Paphos, Cyprus

"I have never and will never use a shock collar on any dog of mine. They are our friends and give us so much love and that is what they all deserve in return."
Peggy Manor, Wisconsin, USA

"Shock collars are inhumane and should be banned. Outrageous that these are on the market!"
Renee Murray, Ma. USA

"I as well as many in Singapore support the ban on electric shock collar."
Jessica Wong, Singapore, Singapore

"Stop used global shock collar for dogs"
Carlos Hernan Herrera Jaramillo, Buga Valle, Colombia

"I cant believe this is happening right now, is one of the most cruel manifestations of human ignorance!!!!"
Juliana, Florida, USA

"Por favor, no usen más esta tortura con los animales."
Marta Hoyos, Bogata, Columbia

"This is disgusting way to train animals (dogs). Put an end to it now!!!"
David Graham, California USA

"I am happy to add my name to this cause."
Marta Hoyos, Bogata, Columbia

"There are more humane ways to train dogs that are also more effective."
Cynthia Ryan, Eureka, CA

"Total abuse toward animals to make them do what humans want, disgusting."
Joyce Moyer, Gloucester, NJ, USA

"Animals respond better to positive reinforcement and it's time we ban shock collars."
JoAnne Rando-Moon, UT, USA

"Thank you."
John Raffaele, NJ, USA

"In today's society, cruelty is no longer accepted and shock collars are cruel. Positive reinforcement now replaces abuse in training. Shock collars should be banned."
Janet Enoch, Elburn, IL, USA

"This is completely cruel, people should never use shock collars on their dog ,its horrid. How would you feel if you we're a dog and your owner keeps on shocking you?"
Jinny Choi, Port Moody, B.C. Canada

"This is just one more way that people who don't have real training skills manipulate and exploit their dogs. Do not use a trainer that uses this barbaric instrument. It is medieval."
Enid Breakstone, CT, USA

"End animal cruelty please like children, they don't have the sufficient means to fight or protect themselves."
Dajung Yi, B.C. Canada

"I totally agree with banning these devices. Why can't people relate to animals - they are living beings, too and do feel pain, hunger, thirst and fear. Would you want someone to put you in shock collar and "zap" you every time you failed to do what they wanted - and they didn't even speak the same language you speak!!!"
Patricia Tryon, Clinton, IN, USA

"In fifteen years of professional dog training I have never found it necessary to use shock to modify behavior. The truth is that there is always an alternative. The Control Unleashed program developed by Leslie McDevitt is only one example of how easily aggression can be modified without the use of shock. Many behaviors including aggression are very likely worsened by the use of shock. There is simply no reason for a pet person to be able to purchase a shock collar and even professionals should find more creative ways of training that exclude shock. Positive reinforcement is the most powerful way to modify behavior, let's all agree to use positive reinforcement!
Let's help dogs worldwide learn without the use of shock."
Angelica Steinker, Lutz, FL, USA

"I see the ill-effects of shock collars and electronic fences almost everyday. Shocking dogs is inhumane and trainers who advise their clients to use these devices are setting dogs up for total failure, and often times their demise due to resulting aggressive behavior."
Renee Premaza, Berlin NJ, USA

"Just because you can do something does not mean you should."
Christina Waggoner, Bend Oregon, USA

"There are better ways to train that do not involve causing pain."
Jan Casey, TN, USA

"I believe that shock collars are CRUEL and INHUMANE!!!! The sale and use of them should not be allowed. How horrific to KNOWINGLY inflict pain on ANY ANIMAL!"
Christie Barton, TN, USA

"Using shock is not training. It is cruel, unnecessary and detrimental to a dog's physical and emotional well-being."
Vyolet Michaels, CPDT-KA, CTC, PDT

"I am opposed to the use of shock collars--there is a better way."
Sandy Cody, NH, USA

"IPlease help stop the sale and use of this terrible, inhumane product as there are so many alternatives that work and will not cause the pain and suffering associated with this product."
Bodil Schou-Hansen, South Australia, Australia

"There is a better way. Find it!"
Sharon Normandin, NY, USA

"Shock collars are inhumane and barbaric for use on any animals. There are far more animal-friendly, scientifically supported methods to modify behaviors in dogs, without the use of pain."
Maren, Florida, USA

"Its barbaric!!"
Gere Schou-Hansen, Sth Australia, Australia

"I believe that it is morally wrong to inflict this type of pain and call it "training"."
Mary MacKenzie, East Carondelet, IL, USA

"Shock collars are an unnecessary and cruel tool for training any dog. There are too many other humane methods to help all dogs learn what behaviors we would like them to perform. Our society must stop trying to shut down dogs to control unwanted behaviors. Teaching our dogs what we want them to do through positive reinforcement and the appropriate use of our attention is the only way to assure confident, well-behaved, and consistent dogs."
Joyce Keeton, Loganville, Georgia, USA

"Thank you, 'The Pet Lover's Realtor' in Calgary"
Sharon Acheson, Calgary Alberta

"Banning of these cruel instruments is the only humane option."
Jeannine Pascale, Victoria, Australia

"I was recently appalled to find out a new family member of mine used an electric shock collar on his elderly dog. This is someone who claims to be a dog lover! I was so disgusted, I thought the use of a cruel device like this was pretty much non existant, something must be done to educate people."
Simone Bunting, NSW, Australia

"Thank you! Let me know if I can help you in anyway."
Drayton Michaels, USA

"I think anyone who uses this on their pet should have to use it on them selves."
Rick & Julie & Pauline Dunham, NB, Canada

"A complete inhumane approach to animal training that should be outlawed around the world."
Wendy Edney, Bangkok, Thailand

"I know of someone in my area who regularly uses shock collars to train their dogs. It is animal abuse and needs to be banned."
Tracie Purdie, Cumbria, United Kingdom

"If your training methods must rely on pain and fear to get results, you need to reassess your effectiveness. Submission is very different from training."
Rita Nixon, Florence AZ, USA

"Shock collars are for those that lack the imagination and intelligence for solving problems without pain or violence. There are plenty of other ways to work with an animal that builds trust and dispels fear."
Linda Troup, CA, USA

"As a professional dog trainer using only positive means to get behavior I can tell you that dogs that are trained by this method are a ticking time bomb waiting to bite. Thanks for starting this very worthy cause."
Dennis Fehling friends for life dog training.
Dennis Fehling, Oregon, USA

"I am against the cruelty of animals and shock collars are one of those devices often misused. They should be banned from use."
Catherine Nelson, MT, USA

"When knowledge ends, violence begins. Please there are so many other forms than using force. We humans can be smarter than that right?"
Prins, Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands

"Animal cruelty must stop."
Tessa Dokken, British Columbia, Canada

"As trainers and owners of dogs we have a duty of care - in my opinion and experience there is absolutely no reason to knowingly and willingly resort to force, fear or pain to teach these incredible animals how to behave in the world we have created for them."
Sarah Fisher, Somerset, United Kingdom

"Additionally, there is an enormous risk, and I believe it is inevitable, that these shock collars will be used irresponsibly which wll mean gross animal abuse which could then mean that the animal will be that disturbed that they could attack a child."
Lynne Thrower, Nottingham, United Kingdom

"The selling of shock collars should be monitored and restricted."
Elizabeth Miller, Pennsylvania, USA

"If someone can't spend the time to properly humanely train their dog, they don't deserve to have one. Using these miserable collars is the lazy way to correct a problem. I red about a dog that got his collar hung on a fence and was executed and just left hanging, dead. I would like to see the owner hang there."
Lynn Estes, Quincy, Fl, USA

"I will forward this to all of my friends in Canada."
Mr. Bobbie Dee Flowers, New York, USA

"Shock collars must be banned immediately."
Helen Stevens, South West, United Kingdom

"I have been in the rescue and rehabilitation training of dogs for many years and have helped many aggressive and anti social dogs become the dogs they were meant to be -“ my tool of training is love, patience, gentle but firm teachings. One does not teach and expect to have a mentally stable animal by shocking or causing them to fear. There is no way I would ever even cosider the use shock collers, as a matter of fact I know not of any reputable dog trainers or rehabilitators who would put their seal of approval on them ! To those who would, I would suggest they try wearing one to get a real taste of what it is like for the dogs ! I think your mind would quickly be changed."
Mary Alice Pollard, Cornwall, United Kingdom

"I totally disagree with the use of shock collars. People should take the time to get to know and train their dogs properly, there is no place for shock collars in dog handling they are just heinously cruel."
Pauline Cousins, Gwent, United Kingdom

Carol Marshall, United Kingdom

"Shock collars are inheritantly inhumane. Those who don't believe they are, should volunteer to wear them for 24 hours and see how they feel and react if someone shocks them each time they speak. God gave animals voices to be heard, not silenced. You would not put a shock collar on a child or a family member, and it's no different for any other living being. Please stop the sale and use of these agonizing devices. Please.... use your heart and your conscience and DO THE RIGHT THING. BAN SHOCK COLLARS NOW. --Thank you."
Kathy M. Bean, FL, USA

"Shock are banned in some places, any vet or trainer advising anyone to use such a horrifying device to train their pet should have their license pulled and trainers should be made to stop training dogs. This is inhumane, imagine being disciplined like that as a child, i am not sure i would ever be the same again. stop the insanity."
Ann, USA

"This is needless suffering to animals."
Elisabeth Sammt, Fischamend, Austria

"There are those who abuse nearly all methods of training, but the abuse of shock collar training ranks at the top and for that reason alone needs banning."
Susan Sharpe, IN, USA

"Shock collars are a way of inflicting pain on an animal, and that to me is ethically wrong."
Becky Hewitt, Staffordshire, UK

"I have noticed recently that a large and long standing online retailer in the US has started selling Shock Collars. based in Maine USA mail orders these devices all over the world. To give you feedback to this misguided retailer. Our 3 year old rescued German Shorthaired Pointer is on meds due to poor training and abuse by individuals who used these types of devices."
S. Greenidge, Ontario

"I am absolutely shocked and disgusted about what I have read. I cannot believe this is being allowed. This cruelty must stop. This form of animal control is barbaric to say the least. We are against taser usage on humans so why are we not banning this method of control on defenceless animals?"
June Quiroga, Vancouver, Canada

"Where knowledge ends, violence begins". Shock collars and electric fencing should absolutely be banned. There are many more humane and ultimately far more effective and long-lasting ways to train animals. Using a shock collar is not training - it's punishment, it's forcing behaviours or the suppression of behaviours and it's lazy and mean."
V. Barry, B.C. Canada

"Love and positive reinforcement is all that is needed. Using a shock collar is senseless and unconscionable. It must be stopped."
Sheriden Walshe, South Australia, Australia

"Life is life--whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man's own advantage."
Sri Aurobindo, Sandi Walker, B.C. Canada

"Please stop the use of shock collars and ban them forever!!!!!!!!! It is very inhumane and I don't think any human would want this around their neck!!!"
Sherry Gerszberg, New Jersey, USA

"Animals deserve to be treated with love and respect. When they bark, they are simply trying to communicate, they are not hurting anyone. Please make these collars illegal. Thank you."
Savilla, B.C. Canada

"I am in favour of banning the use of shock collars an dogs and also all other animals.The treatment of animals by humans is totllay shocking and barborous paractices such as shock collars need to be banned."
Corene Lindsay, Gibsons, B.C.

"If you need to use a shock collar to train an animal, then you know nothing about dog training. Use positive reinforcement methods which work without pain and create a loving bond with the animal."
Cherie Fehrman, CA, USA

"Using shock devices to train any animal is cruel and barbaric. Training takes intelligence, not force. For those who insist upon using these devices, I suggest they try it on themselves first!"
Susan Berganzi, Vancouver, B.C.

"Thank you and your organization for giving me a voice against such a violent, cruel and unnecessary device."
Rick Richardson, B.C. Canada

"If anyone ever has the misfortune of owning a dog that they feel they need to use a shock collar on, please give him or her to a non-kill SPCA or a local animal rescue group. No animal should ever be subjected to such a cruel, inhumane act."
Lynda Seymour Shephard, B.C. Canada

"I am a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer. I oppose violence to animals and I am often distressed at how so many people do not even realize they are being violent to dogs because traditional training methods of choking, dragging and shocking are so easily accepted in mainstream society and media. I support voices that shout out against these training methods and seek to educate the public about more effective and humane training for dogs using positive reinforcement based training."
Louisa Morrissey, Colorado, USA

"Thank you for providing all us like minded people with the opportunity to express our disgust at these inhumane, cruel devices. It is a complete mystery to me as to how so called pet lovers could justify the use of these evil devices on their beloved pets. I'm quite sure they wouldn't consider using them on their children! However, they don't seem to give it a second thought when it comes to their helpless dog. I could go on and on, my blood just boils and it makes me feel so sad. Keep up your good work, you have our support."
Lou-Ann Atkinson, Alstonville, Australia

"Beyond inhumane and cruel, these products are more than barbaric. Most importantly the people who buy them have obviously never learned how to love, I feel sorry for their ignorance."
Cindy Frewer, B.C. Canada

"Please stop this inhumane treatment of man's best friend."
B. Orban, Oldcastle, Ontario

"Having seen these being used on Havanese to prvent bitches barking during heat I was and remain in absolute shock at how poor some breeders are, To many dogs are a commodity and not a companion."
Karen Clark-Stapleton, Wallasey, UK

"These collars must be bannnnnned in any form at all."
Leslie John, Inspector/manager, Mid-Canterbury SPCA, Ashburton New Zealand

"There is no need ever to inflict pain on an animal in the guise of training - pain inhibits learning - treat based positive reinforcement enhances learning. Thank you for enacting a permanent ban on shock collars."
Arlene Silva, Michigan, USA

"Shock collars are cruel and unnecessary. With enough time, effort, and other training methods (positive reinforcement) any dog can over come any issue! Any human who shocks their dog should be shocked just as hard or harder each time to make sure they feel the same way their dog does."
Natalie Robertson, MA, USA

"As long as man accepts torturing animals for his own ego, he will not be worthy of being assessed a superior being."
Sandi Walker, B.C. Canada

"People shouldn't have dogs, or breed dogs if they can't work with them properly! If you don't have time to sit and patiently work with them, don't get a dog!"
Michelle Congdon, B.C, Canada

"I've always thought those shock collars were extreme and a lazy way to train your pet. I never realized how much pain they caused until I read your FB page. Let's try and get them banned. The image of that poor little dog is now printed in my mind."
Jennifer Wootton

"People should take the time to train their pets properly with lots of exercise and socializing from a young age this is a lazy cruel way to train your pet."
Jessy Gignac, Quebec Canada

"Very Cruel. Would you do this to unruly/untrained children??"
Gordon McNichol Pellatt, Vancouver, B.C.

"Using pain to control an animal is archaic and cruel. If your dog is abandoned in the backyard, all alone and does not receive attention then he will bark out of frustration and despair throwing a shock collar on and continuing to deprive your dog of attention is not the answer. Put simply, if you don't have time to spend with your dog on a daily basis and therefore curb his need to bark for attention, you should not own a dog at all."
Melissa Smith, Australia

"Shock collars are absolutely unnecessary and cruel. A properly trained and exercised dog will respond to commands and stay on property."
Sybil Climo, B.C. Canada

"My neighbors have been complaining about my dogs barking alot and took us to court for it. The judge seemed like a very irritable woman and favored with the neighbors and fined us $300 and requested us to get a shock collar. I'll pay the damn fines, I don't care but I REFUSE to get a shock collar for my precious dogs - one of which is a 9 month old puppy. It is cruel and inhumane. I would not like getting shocked everytime I talked and I certainly don't think anyone else would either."
Elizabeth Drabczyk, VA, USA

"Ban all shock collars."
Mark Woodcock & Marianne McLaren, N.Vancouver, B.C.

"Humankind is the only species within nature that takes pleasure in causing suffering and abuse to other living creatures. Worse yet are those companies that knowingly exploit the baser human tendencies through the manufacture and sale of shock collars, prods or other instruments of torture for profit. They condone unspeakable cruelty inflicted by humans on animals or by humans on humans. The key is to look beyond monetary barriers, put that human ego in check and willingly learn from our animals how to give unconditional love!"
Adrianna Gamble, B.C., Canada

"Shock collars are painful and cruel. Would you wear one? I don't think so."
Christine Barham, B.C., Canada

"Shock collars are barbaric, torturous devices and are generally used indiscriminately. Please cease immediately the sale of shock collars. They have been proven ineffective as training tools and do nothing but induce fear in the animals they attempt to "control". A fearful animal is not a well-behaved animal."
Tracey Carlisle, B.C. Canada

"Shock collars do not do anything for you or your dog. Stop selling and supporting "shock collars""
Paris Brian, B.C. Canada

"This is a very cruel thing to put a dog or any animal through! The pain and the damage that can be done when this type of control is in the wrong hands with these type of collars is horrible! NO NO NO! These need to be banned worldwide,rendered useless and disposed of!"
Lori Hadley, Arkansas, USA

"When we shock humans, it's called torture, but when we shock dogs, it's called training. Let us mature as a world past treating our dogs as though they have no feelings."
Arthur Nan, Lakeside CA, USA

"If you agree that e-collars should be banned, please join the new Facebook group: "Ban Shock Collars in the U.S.""
Anne Springer, Massachusetts, USA

"Use of physical punishment is reprehensible. I would never use it on any of the dogs I work with. It destroys canine/human bonding and creates much more potential for developing aggression. I would go so far as to say that use of physical force and punishment is the main cause of "dangerous" dogs. Please stop allowing these devices to be sold and used. When the use stops, I can guarantee that the number of dogs euthanized due to aggression will decrease substantially. I would also go so far as to say that the number of dog bites will decrease. Science has shown us a better, more humane way to train, a way that promotes bonding and delightful obedience as opposed to grudging and fearful compliance. Use of corrective collars is far too dangerous, for the animal as well as the community. Please ban them and help protect those with and without voices."
Chelsea Jay, OR, USA

"I believe that shock collars should be banned. They are cruel to all pets who have to suffer through the tortures of this unsuccessful training technique. If my signing of this petition helps to further stop the use of these horrid devices then I will have completed a major accomplishment in my life."
Ricky Griffin, Alabama, USA

"There is absolutely no reason to be so cruel to our best friends. We are supposed to be the caretakers of animals not their abusers. I wonder if sometimes that dogs look at abusers as 'the Devil". We are also supposed to be thinking beings. North America was settled by people oroginally from Europe escaping tyranny.....why have we forgotten???"
Anne Heyes, West Vancouver B.C.

"I have been training for over 21 years and have seen the results of abuse with shock collars. One dog became so psychotic she had to be euthanized."
Rita Trevethan, Denver Colorado

"Do humans need to control and destroy everything around them all the time. This is unnecessary and just very cruel, it is causing harm and discomfort."
Karen Chong-Kwan B.C. Canada

"Please don't cause animals any more pain, they do not deserve it. They must be properly trained and pain is not necessary. Give them love and acceptance, just as they give us."
Sue Timberlake, IN, USA

"Listen to the experts and listen to us, the common people who endeavour to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Try a collar on, let someone activate it, then act according to your conscience."
June Quiroga, Vancouver, Canada

"Listen to the experts and listen to us, the common people who endeavour to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Try a collar on, let someone activate it, then act according to your conscience."
Marlene Dufresne, Quebec, Canada

"This is absolute abuse & should be illegal in any country!!! Any human who would do this to a precious should go to jail & be made to wear these collars themselves until they beg for them to be taken off!!!! We have to stop this abuse & stop companies from making these disgusting collars!!!!! PLEASE STOP THIS ABUSE!!!!!!!"
Kim Boston, Indiana, USA

"This must stop It is terrible cruelty."
Carol Renolds, W. Van. B. C.

"Before any device is used, try it on yourself. Then you WILL understand the pain."
Ana Macpherson

"I am really upset that there are people who use such a devises at this day and age. There is no need to make a point to anyone and anything by forcing them to feel pain. There are easier, better and more human ways of dealing with dogs and animals. How would you feel if others were using the shock collar on you?"
Sara Boghozian, N. Vancouver B.C.

"The only thing punishment teaches is avoidance, it teaches avoidance of the behaviour that caused the punishment and anyone or anything in the environment that it associates with it. It does not teach the dog what you want it to do. Punishment causes stress, anxiety, fear and distrust and in some cases - pain. Most dog bites are caused by fear and trainers should not be contributing to the problem. The dog's emotional well being and quality of life must also be considered. If you really love dogs you want to be kind to them. Because it is so easy to teach the behaviour you want instead of punishing the one you don't want, there is no use or excuse for aversives in dog training. My rule of thumb - if you don't want someone doing it to you - you don't do it to anyone else - animal or human!"
Norma Jeanne Laurette, Ontario, Canada

"I hope that you consider this as a new law in Canada so that you can set a precedence and positive example to your neighbors to the south, the USA. With our modern understanding of learning theory; this inhumane equipment is not needed and limits the ability for animals to learn what we expect from them."
Nancy Driver, MN, USA

"Please consider the torturous nature of these devices when determining their fate."
Deborah Watson, B.C. Canada

"Shock devices are unnecessary and inhumane."
Larry Stevenson, PA, USA

"There is no humane purpose for a shock collar. It should be banned or destroyed all together."
Linda Shaw, B.C., Canada

"Dogs can't say STOP. So we say STOP! SHOCK COLLAR must be baned!"
Keiko Ruwhiu, Auckland, New Zealand

"They are barbaric and should never have been on sale in the first place."
Carl Clement, Surrey, United Kingdom

"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals."
Robyn Schade, Vancouver, Canada

"Only barbarians would use shock collars on our fellow animals."
Donna Gray, B.C., Canada

"I thank you for putting up this website. I was looking through e-bay and thinking of purchasing a shock collar to assist in the training of our stubborn pug who doesn`t seem to listen to anything. Thinking that this device was benign and could lead to making my life easier, I was literally "shocked" to read the content of this page, and will not be purchasing this item. I think I`ll take the longer route of training the pug with treats and positive feedback. Both my pet and I will be happier in the long run. It may take a little longer, but I can`t imagine hurting our pet any more than I could imagine someone beating their children to submit to their will. Thanks for this information. Glad I took the time to google "shock collars" and came up with this site."
Chris, Canada

"There are so many effective alternative methods to train dogs rather than inflicting pain. Any thinking, feeling human being will take time to investigate the alternatives. Don't allow those who are too lazy and unfeeling to inflict this kind of cruelty on those who are the most vulnerable."
Patty Beck, Sask., Canada

"Please stop hurting our friends!!!!!!!"
Barb Heward, Brampton, Ont

"Get on your hands and knees, duct tape your mouth shut and put on a shock collar. Then allow someone to shock you and see how you like it."
Susanna Sovek, B. C. Canada

"Studies have proven that these stupid things do more to confuse and frighten dogs than anything else. We often cannot control how strong the shock is, and often it does not go off unless in a very specific position and very tight. Sometimes being shocked and sometimes not teaches a dog to just be frightened at all times as they cannot connect the action that results in the shock. People need to be informed about this! How many owners that use these collars have ever actually tested them on themselves? Not many! IF they aren't willing to take a hit themselves and see how it is, then they should NOT be willing to place it on their dog! Would you try it on your child before you tried it on yourself?! NO! Didn't think so! Let us force people to lose their ignorance in this matter!!"
Rowan Reimer, B.C., Canada

"I feel some people should be wearing shock collars and I would love to be the one holding the control."
Pat Mochi, FL, USA

"It is a very dark age way of training. Its time for the governments to step up and ban these collars!"
Jesse Jacobs, NH, USA

"It is time for humans to be humane to who they call "Man's Best Friend." It is time to throw away the shock, choke, burning sprays, and all forms of anger and aggression and look towards a more positive way of training and care for our best friends."
Jennifer Williams, NH, USA

"These collars are like an invitation to cruelty and can too easily be misused. If you wouldn't do it your child, don't do it to your dog."
Ann Harlan, Houston, Texas, USA

"Would these be allowed on children? No, of course not. There is never ANY reason to shock an animal! It is pure stupidity and LAZINESS on the owner's behalf to rely on physical torture to train!"
Ashley Boone, Ontario, Canada

"Those "things" are horrible! Why would you want to shock your dog? Anyone who uses them are stupid and lazy, there are better ways of training so why shock?"
Lindsey Thompson, Texas, USA

"There are kinder effective ways (positive reinforcement) to communicate with dogs."
Elizabeth Williamson, B.C. Canada

"I hope we can move past these times where we treat our dogs "like animals" and instead treat them like the loving companion we brought them in to our homes to be!!!"
Tara Patriquin, Nova Scotia, Canada

"Do the research - we have plenty of evidence to show that these devices are outdated, harmful and unnecessary for effective training."
Lucinda Ludwig, Iowa, USA

"TThere are much better ways to teach than by using pain, and sadly too many people using these devices have no idea how to use them 'properly' and then they are even worse. No one should be allowed to press a button and shock an animal!!!!"
Angela Hargest, FL, USA

"Please end barbaric means to train dogs into submission or comply to what humans think is appropriate. They have the right to speak just as much as we do. Who made us their boss??!!! It is our responsibility as owners to train them, yes this takes time and effort but is it well worth it when you have a wonderful companion that we claim to love. Would you put a shock collar on your kids so that they can listen to your commands???? I don't think so that would indeed be considered cruelty, well what's the difference every form or life feels pain and trauma. After all God created us all."
Ingrid Katzberg, B.C., Canada

"Along with cropping dog's ears and other unnecessary procedures, this needs to stop. We own animals to love and protect them, not submit them to our whims and demands; they are still living creatures, not objects."
Chelsea McDougald, FL, USA

"Ban shock collars, they are cruel. If you wouldn't use it on a human, don't use it on an animal!!!"
Daisy Jassar, Victoria B.C.

"A dog can't say 'STOP'."
Jacquelyn Miller, B.C. Canada

"I cannot imagine anyone wanting to inflict such pain on an animal that only wants to love and trust you. If you would be so cruel to an animal, I hate to think how you might be with a small child."
Beverly Hiltachk, Woodland, CA

"My dog walking buddy got a shock collar for her 10-pound poodle this week. During our last two walks, she kept adjusting the strength higher as her dog got "less reactive" to her zaps. He continued to be aggressive towards other dogs. Her adopted shelter dog is obviously scared. From what I can see the dog is just getting zapped and is not calming down any faster. When she put the collar number on 18 at home, her dog yelped in pain. She said she felt so bad! On our walk today, she turned it up to 20. I think the dog is being abused. She is continuing to zap it all day long as part of the "training". She is trying to get her money's worth I guess at this training school where they use shock collars as part of the training. I think the dog just needs socialization. I think other dog owners were very upset with her "training" method on the trail. I may not be walking with her much longer."
Leigh E., TX, USA

"Kindness works best with dogs. Not lavish, not "spoiling" with too much food, just reasonable kindness."
Ron Watts, Manitoba, Canada

"Shock collars are inhumane and unnecessary. They should never be used on any animal!"
Daisy Jassar, B.C., Canada

"There is never a need for this "training" method. I had a dog training company come over to my house to show me their methods (not knowing it was this) & I thought their poor dog was like a robot. They tried to talk me into it, but I would have no part of it. I sent them & their stupid training methods packing."
Alix Bawlf, B.C., Canada

"The way we treat other animals is a barometer of the ability of humans to show empathy, kindness and an acknowledgement that we are 'all' part of nature. Abusing our strength degrades us and, due to our frailties, is something we unfortunately have to legislate against."
Michael Johnson, Kent, United Kingdom

"It is a disgusting way to train an animal, it's torture pure and simple, you wouldn't do it to a child so why can you do it to a dog!!"
Michelle Clark, Hampshire, UK

"This cruelty needs to be stopped NOW!"
Gloria Brockwell, Essex, UK

"You dont use this kind of barbaric treatment on humans because humans call it torture. So WHY are you using it on canines WHO do nothing but please humans and service us, even when humans hurt them with Electric collars. You wouldn't use them on your family or friends so STOP using them on our canine friends."
Denize Richards, Australia

"Please let me know what I can do to stop shock collars from being sold."
Donna McGrath, PA, USA

"I'm a dog trainer in Halifax Nova Scotia, I'm a big supporter of this idea, I see many dogs having problems as a result of shock collar use"
Tristan Flynn, Nova Scotia, Canada

"When we know better we can do better. Well, we DO know better. We can all step up. There is no excuse for inhumanity. Theresa Laviolette, B.C. Canada"
Theresa Laviolette, B.C. Canada

"After a successful fining of a man in Wales who had his dog wear a shock collar to prevent it jumping a fence I so hope that the banning of these inhumane devices will become international, this is a lazy way of training, anyone calling themselves a dog trainer who has to resort to these methods is nothing short of a thug with a remote control, oh, and the reason the man was found out...his dog still kept escaping!! Maybe the dog was running away from him??"
Angela Pitman, Cheshire, UK

"I simply agree with this movement. Ban shock collars."
Dan Simon, Ontario, Canada

"I have seen what these God Awful Things can do....These must be BANNED!"
Susan Dzioba, Ontario Canada

"Please stop the pain and hurting."
Jane Smith, Nova Scotia Canada

"The use of shock collars is dangerous and inappropriate. Shock collars are abusive. They cause pain and mental anguish. Please abolish them."
Elisabeth Weiss, New York, USA

"I condemn the use of any SHOCK device that causes mental anguish, physical agony, and injury on animals! Furthermore, I will state the folowing: SHOCK DEVICES = ANIMAL TORTURE (!!!)."
Maria Emilia Tenreiro-Moon, Virginia, USA

"Shock collars are inhumane and are used at the expense of an animal that the owner does not understand how to control! Shock collars are horrible and those who use them are worse."
Kay Wright- Kaiser, Indiana, USA

"Shock collars cause needless suffering to animals, so please ban them!"
Julia Haensel, Oberteuringen, Germany

"I hate shock collars because they torture animals who cannot do anything against that and also cannot understand why they are tortured. Moreover, the pain causes a behaviour which is not normal - that means you can see aggression and fear. So it is not fair to do this. Please respect our companions on our planet!"
Elisabeth Rohan, Vienna, Austria

"I saw this video on the internet that proves a point on what you are doing. Keep up the great work. ( Link Enclosed) Why Would You do This To a Pet?"
Frank Rivas, New York, USA

"Please put an end to this unecessary cruelty"
Holly Ash, NSW, Australia

"I have never used a shock collar, but my best friend did. She told me of the horror at finding a burn on her pet's neck after using the "training aid." I will never use a shock collar; I think they should not be made/sold/used."
Lorna Steward, CA, USA

"TORTURE !! NOT NESSESARY!! people who use it dont deserve to have a dog in their life..people who make money on it should have to wear it themself !"
Marianne Birkedal Maller, Copenhagen, Denmark

"How do I help? I'm gutted my brother bought one for his puppy. too lazy to train his dog, too selfish to give it up.. I would like to take a series of photos with adorable human babies and puppys wearing the collar maybe then people will see how cruel they really are."
Jen Murphy, NS, Canada

"I hope a day comes in the near future where these horrible things are illegal."
Derek Snow, Sask., Canada

"Shock collars are unethical."
Emilia Schneider, IL, USA

"U can train ur dog without the use of these barbaric collars."
Leslie Lashford, Cheshire, UK

"The thought of these outdated and barbaric collars being used on trusting and faithful dogs is itself a nauseating one. The humans who use them need to place them on their own necks ant try them on themselves exactly as they use them on these defenseless animals. A friend of mine recently boarded (3 days) her dogs at a vet's boarding kennels. To her horror, when she picked them up the youngest, 14th month old had sores and blistering under her collar. On closer inspection there were 4 red marks - obviously the touch points - from the electric shock collar's transmitter prongs. First evening at home the dog had nightmares and lay sleeping but would begin screaming and then suddenly jump up and run under the bed whimpering. A visit to the vet began the healing process with pain killers and antibiotics. With lots of love and reassurance and some complementary treatments the dog is healing well. Her hair on her neck has stated to grow back after 4 weeks!!! The scum bag vet's 'boarding' kennels are getting plenty of word of mouth advertising - hopefully the Christmas period will be slow for them. The blistering puss infected sores may be healed but the pictures in my mind are not, nor is the psychological damage to this adorable dog. I just hope by continuous action by humane people we can put a stop to the horrors of electric shock collars."
Ann Lenehan, N.S.W., Australia

"Having had pets myself in the past, I find the idea of using a "shock collar" or any other such "device" absolutely abhorrent, cruel and inhuman. We are only stewards of our pets and need to respect them as sentient beings; we do not own another human being even if it is our own child nor do we wholly own our pets. Animals like children cannot speak for themselves and that is all the more reason why their best interest should be paramount."
Elizabeth Johnson, Burnaby B.C.

"Hope these shock collars will be banned for use."
Lana Simon B. C., Canada

"It is horrific that in this day and age, with all the information about positive training methods, that anyone would be allowed to torture a helpless animal through the use of a shock device. The fact that these items are available for sale suggests that Governments believe that the torture of animals is acceptable. It is not only unacceptable, it is morally reprehensible."
Vanessa Beaulne, B.C., Canada

"There is never a need to use shock to train an animal or to raise a child, which has been done. It's abusive and cruel and the animal/child suffers for a life time. Similar to a prison sentence. It's called child abuse if shock collars are used on people. There's absolutely no difference when it's used on animals in the name of training them. Especially when there are so many various training methods that are available. Those with love,caring,understanding,patience and firmness. Just as there's never a good enough reason to abuse children and adults, there's no reason to use the shock collars on animals. We all want our pets to behave appropriately, but why should they have to "learn" by avoiding pain. It's cruel and unusual punishment, as well as wrong in every way shape and form. Shock collars must be banned for dogs and other animals."
Heather Burke, B.C., Canada

"Wow it seems a lot of people choose to make money on animal suffering. Not what is best for the animal only best for their pocket. Shame on you."
Jeanne ODell, NY, USA

"I am saddened and appalled that this type of device is being produced. I have 4 dogs, all well behaved, without having to use a shock collar or any other physical means. May the people who have invented this, sold it, bought it - feel the pain of having it inflicted on them, every time they make a mistake in life, and see how they like it. You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!"
Tracy Samassa, NSW, Australia

"The use of shock collars should be banned immediately. Positive reinforcement using humane methods are the best means of training a dog. Shock collars are inhumane and will cause an animal fear and confusion as well as pain."
Christine Low, West Sussex, UK

"Ban them by every means--how could any sane person use a shock collar on a trusting friend!!!!!"
Yvonne Henderson, B.C. Canada

"Can't believe so called "pet lovers" think it's OK to train their dogs with shock collars. If you love your animal that much, take the time to train it in a humane way!"
Carlene MacIsaac, New Brunswick, Canada

"Please help stop animal abuse."
Megan Mackintosh, B.C. Canada

"I have always found reward training the best, if you have to shock your animal to train it, you shouldn't own one, or for that matter a child!"
Alan Purcell, N. J., USA

"If you cant use your voice and commands to train your pet. Then you shouldnt own one. No creature deserves this kind of punishment or "training". It's ridiculous."
Elizabeth Troncoso, Ca, USA

"Please stop the torture"
Marra Essig, BC, Canada

"Torture your "pet" ??? Why even call it your pet? Shocking is difinately cruelty to any animal and to your own is just disgusting. Wonder what other cruel ways the merciless will resort to after banning shock collars!"
Johnny Mohammed, BC, Canada

Liz Bednar, Ontario, Canada

"Animals deserve rights and protection."
Crystal Morgan, BC, Canada

"Shock collars are bullying. Their proponents exhibit cowardice in their training methods, pretend to some sort of psychological 'pack mentality' excuse without actually understanding the terms they are spouting off and lack of true assertiveness and understanding of the animal. The shock collar is an excuse for a lazy pet owner to continue to be lazy."
Michael Lambert, B.C., Canada

"I don't understand how anyone can think this is ok. A pet has no choice.. no voice to tell you it hurts."
Jen Murphy, Nova Scotia, Canada

"Animals have as much feelings as people do, and I don't see shock collars being used on people. Why should animals have to endure that? There are other ways to train them that don't scare or hurt them. If someone doesn't have that kind of patience, then they shouldn't have a pet!"
Maria DeCoursey, B.C., Canada

From site of veterinarian Lisa A. Pierson, Under "Feline Obesity", Dr. Pierson's non-commercial education site,
"excerpt...After Molly was returned to TLC Adoptions, she was adopted to a man who ended up feeding her another very inappropriate and unhealthy diet that was prescribed by a veterinarian. The diet was Hill's r/d in the dry form. Molly was fed a small amount of this food in a separate room twice daily. This man then put a shock collar on her and put the transmitting wires around the food bowls (filled with an inappropriate diet of dry food) that were being left out for his other cats - all of which who were terribly overweight also. Unfortunately for Molly, she was the one being focused on. At this point, Molly was in great danger of developing hepatic lipidosis ("fatty liver") which can be fatal if not treated in time. Molly did not like the Hill's r/d and was now being shocked every time she tried to squelch her hunger pains when going toward the food bowls filled with what she had been eating her entire life. This wonderful, sweet cat was very depressed, confused, jumpy (from the shock collar) and in grave danger of becoming fatally ill. Within hours of hearing of Molly's horrible situation, I called the man to discuss having her returned to TLC Adoptions. She would then be placed in my home for careful monitoring - both medically and nutritionally. He agreed, saying that he was "tired of the mess that she was leaving around the house". Molly's rear end was so sore and itchy from her lack of ability to groom herself, that she was dragging her rear-end on the floor and furniture in an attempt to clean herself and to relieve her discomfort. The discharge from around her vulva was black and messy. If you cringe at the above comments, just think how poor Molly felt! Cats, by nature, are very clean/fastidious creatures and when they can't clean themselves properly, it becomes a very stressful situation for them."
Chris Harris, Ontario Canada

"This is just another method of cruelty to animals and it has to be banned. If you use this method, then you shouldn't have an animal."
Suzanne Lacroix, Quebec, Canada

"These shock collars are cruel and inhumane and unnecessary to train our pets. They should definitely be banned."
Lisa Grixti, Vancouver, B.C.

"Please ban shock collars. It is inhumane and not right!!"
Aneesa Hosein, Whitby, Ontario

"If we cannot use shock collars on humans then we cannot use them on dogs! Get rid of them!"
Katy Dale, Ontario, Canada

"Shock collars are cruel and dangerous BAN THEM NOW !"
Ruth Laycock, Durham, UK

"There are plenty of effective training methods and trainers available without resorting to this useless barabaric device. If you cannot train your dog without violence and abuse you should not have a dog!"
Sue Penman, Abbotsford, B.C.

"Whether the intensity is set to just unpleasant or painful, there is no just cause to electrically shock a dog in the name of training and behavior modification. There is too much fall out and harm caused by these devices, whether you claim to use it "correctly" or not, because there is no way to correctly shock a dog."
Michelle Michlewicz, Maryland, USA

"There is no situation that cannot be helped by kindness & training but 100's that can be made worse with cruelty & an electric collar."
Nell Pegg, Derbyshire, UK

"I believe shock collars can be used effectively, humanely and compassionately by a select few who really know what they're doing at very low settings that feel like a nudging reminder to the dog (I'm speaking from experience because I've tried it on myself) but by the same token, I also firmly believe they get misused by the majority of dog owners. To eliminate that risk, I'm all for banning them altogether."
Sibel Yazman, B.C. Canada

"When there are humane alternatives to teaching anything that shock collars are used for and with better results than shock collars can get without the potential risks, there is no excuse for these barbaric instruments to remain legal anywhere."
Toni-Marie Hudson, S. York, UK

"As a professional dog behavior consultant with 15 years of experience I support the ban of shock collars. It is simply never necessary to use shock in any form for any reason with any animal."
Angelica Steinker, FL, USA

"Shock collars need to be put on the owners of the dogs who they put on, leave the dogs, give owners shock, might make them respect dogs, don't need pain to train, just love and respect."
Wendy Kolodynska, UK

"To the people who use shock collars - wear it yourself!"

Jo Priestley, Devon, UK

"Shock collars should be worn only by people who think it's okay to use shock collars on other beings."
Eileen Kerrigan, Pennsylvania, USA

"Barbaric! Anyone who thinks this is a positive method of training, should wear one themselves!"
Elizabeth Blackstock, Hampshire, UK

"As a professional trainer for 7 years and being in the animal field for 18, I know there are more humane ways to train a dog. The sad fact is, that the average pet owner cannot and will not use this device correctly and the dog suffers for it. Professional trainers themselves misuse this device out of ignorance or the enjoyment of having power over another living thing. Mans best friend...would you do this to your best human friend?"
Dawn Ryan VA, USA

"This is Morally DISGUSTING! STOP AND ILLEGALISE THESE DESPICABLE MONSTROSITIES. I'd agree to having sex offenders wear these with available remotes freely everywhere, but NOT on a DOG, whose main aim is to protect you, guard you and be your constant friend."
Amy Morley, Great Yarmouth, UK

"Let the people who think they are acceptable wear them!!"
Sarah Chapman, Leeds, UK

"I believe shock collars to be cruel and unnecessary. There are kind and effective ways to train our beloved dogs, which help improve our bond with them, rather than destroying it. Shock collars are already banned in part of the UK (Wales) and I'd very much like to see this extended to the whole of the UK and globally."
Angela Chapman, Wiltshire, UK

"If you are unable to train a dog without a shock collar then you simply have no business training a dog!"
Billy de Goede, Manchester, UK

"Ban them in this country!!"
Sandy Modell, VA, USA

"Disgusting tools for lazy people. Please stop these from being sold."
Jo Faloona, Port Moody B.C

"They are evil instruments of torture and should be banned."
Fay Bartsch, S.K., Canada

"The use of shocking pets in the name of "training" is heartbreaking and cruel. This is abuse and should be against the law."
Lynn Fitzpatrick,BC, Canada

"I fully support a ban on the use of shock collars."
Russell Hollier,NY, USA

"Shock collars are cruel and extremely unneccesary. Please stop the selling of these terrible devices."
Alicia Brown, Ontario Canada

"This cruel treatment must stop!"
Mary- Anne Diebel, Ontario Canada

"This is torture and has to stop immediately! Would you do this to your children?"
Dagmar Scherer, Queensland, Australia

"Just try it once on your self, you would definitely want these cruel things banned."
Comet Hermann, Bowen Island, B.C.

"Enough is enough with these imhumane collars!"
Lianne Robbins, Ontario, Canada

"This is an extraordinarily cruel. Let's make it stop."
Renata Schellenberg, New Brunswick, Canada

"Be the voice for the voiceless!"
Stephanie McCann, Ontario Canada

"Please help us to stop this disgusting form of animal cruelty!"
Diana Bernal, Ontario Canada

"No animal should suffer the pain of these shock collars, its disgusting and should be stopped."
Jennifer Aston, Liverpool UK

"Using pain to train an animal is always wrong, and cruel. It's time to stop this barbaric practice. There is never any justification for intimidation, or cruelty to be used when teaching behavior training...NEVER. Thank you."
Laura Peters, Alberta, Canada

"We should put the collar on the owner and let them have a taste!"
Sherry Seddigh, Tehran, Iran

"Stop the pain they can not speak for themselves. But the screams explain it all."
Laura Sacco, Georgetown, Ontario

"Shock collars are cruel to use therefore no one should use them. Dogs have feelings just like we do, you wouldn’t like it if you had a shock collar on your neck and zapped you every time you leave your yard or talk. So don’t do it to them."
Stuart Kaperski, Calgary, Alberta

"The shock collars are barbaric. Can't the people who use these just try them on for a while and see how they feel. So sad that people can't train animals with positive practices. Let me see a person use these on an animal and I will take it off the animal and put it on that person and see how they feel."
Lisa Justason, New Brunswick, Canada

" How can we treat members of our family to discusting and dispicable treatment such as shock collars. They should be piled up an burnt to the ground!!!! My Dog is not just my best friend but one of my children."
Coral Plumle, QLD, Australia

" I heard the young dog next door yelp when it was crying for me to go over and pet him. The poor dog is lonely because no one shows him attention. I think shock collars are cruel. I feel the best way to train a dog is spending time with them. When I trained my dog not to bark, I would go right away when she barked and grabbed her collar so she was looking at me and said no in a stern voice and took her inside and told her to lay down and take away privaledges. However, most importantly, praise your dog when they do good not bad and wait a while after they have been scolded and then give them a pet. Sometimes the silent treatment works. I think dogs are sensitive and don't like their owners mad at them and that hurts more than physical scolding. However, I am not an expert. Just sharing what worked for me. I love my dog and is my kid."
Michael Knespel, Colorado, USA

" People use shock collars because they are selfish. Selfish with time and effort. They love their dogs but refuse to walk them."
Michael Denmark, NY, NY, USA

"I have an 80 lb American Staffordshire terrier, and have never had to use a shock collar. With enough love and positive reinforcement, any animal can be trained properly. There's no valid reason to put a shock collar on your dog, if you wouldn't even put it on yourself "
Austin Lewis, NY, USA

"This is so disgusting that anyone would think this is a way of controlling any animal. How would we like to have this collar around our necks and subjecting us to this pain at the mercy of some crazy or mean person. What are we as a human race allowing ourselves to become?"
Maryann Handy, B.C., Canada

"Sick, lazy, inhumane, despicable, unnecessary! Get rid of them! If you want to control a dog by remote control get a ROBOT!"
Jamie Flanders, Utah, USA

"I just reported a neighbor for shocking her dog when I passed by her home. I was devastated by the sound of the dog in pain. These are disgusting collars and should be worn by the people using them on their dogs, let them see what it feels like."
Karen Ferry, California, USA

"It is absolutely unnecessary to use pain to train. Shock collars are abhorrent."
Sharon Witherspoon, Arizona, USA

"This barbaric, painful tool should be banned! Our dogs deserve better!"
Michelle Sanchez, California, USA

"Please ban the use of shock collars on all animals. They are cruel devices that cause physical and emotional injury!"
Mary Atleson, California, USA

"People who use these collars should wear one for a day and see how it feels."
Dawn Doyle, New York, USA

"It's abuse!"
Maria Fornataro, Ontario, Canada

"I do not agree in any way to shock collars"
Maria Segreto, Ottawa, Canada

"Shock, like choke & prong collars are never appropriate. They are inhumane, abusive and unnecessary. They must be banned."
Kathrine Breeden, Arizona, USA

"As someone who worked at animal shelters for 10 years and now as a dog trainer, I've sadly seen dogs "ruined" by punitive methods such as shock collars. I hope that people can become enlightened and civilized enough to ban their use soon."
Lisa Warden, California, USA

"I just did my ethics presentation for my vet class on shock collars. I used this website for a lot of my research & found it very helpful. I'm admittedly against the use of shock collars and I believe its an inhumane training technique that should be banned worldwide."
Victoria Draper, Ohio, USA

"Agree fully that these devices should be banned"
Beverley Wallace, Gloucestershire, UK

"I was trained as a dog handler by some British K9 trainers for the US Army. I was injured and forced to leave service so I found a civilian dog training company to work for. They utilized shock collars to do most, if not all, of their training. I was very disturbed to watch their methods. The lead trainer went to a school called Sit means sit. It only takes 6 weeks to be a dog trainer with the Sit Means Sit school and they only use shock collars for training. I never went to the school, never could, but do you want to know how to do it? Place the shock collar on the dog and set the remote to the lowest setting, press the button, if there is no reaction increase the shock, once you see a reaction that is your 'training' setting. From then on whenever you issue a command you administer a shock. Don't worry, the shock is only a 'tap' to get the dog's attention. I watched a trainer tell a woman that the dog was only 'acting' like he was in pain to trick her into taking the colla r off. I watched a woman crying because she didn't want to shock her dog and I watched the trainer tell her that it doesn't hurt the dog at all. I want this to stop. I can't believe that this is a popular method in my area (St Louis). I want to do whatever it takes to raise awareness and stop this."
Michael L, Missouri, USA

"I'm a dog trainer and have seen the adverse effects of the use of shock collars. I have never seen anything good come from the use of them. I have worked with a number of clients, in rebuilding the trust in animal and human bond"
Roxanne Tapaninen, Illinois, USA

"Pain creates fear and fear causes the most serious behavior issues. You cannot control how emotionally damaging fear can be. I have seen shock collars create terror in dogs. Shock collar use is not humane and causes unnessary suffering. Jeni Grant BA, CPDT-KA"
Jeni Grant, Maryland, USA

"Please stop the cruelty."
Alice Espey, Washington, USA

"The animal cannot identify where the shock comes from or why it has occurred. Pain from no-where identifiable, or indeed from someone identifiable, is a disgraceful way of treating any living thing - human or animal."
Margaret Anderson, Waiuku, New Zealand

"Please ban shock collars as they are cruel"
Kerry Fuller, New South Wales, Australia

"If shock collars are not legal for use on humans, they should not be legal for any other species. Neither logic nor morality supports it."
Melissa Pierson, New York, USA

"The use of shock collars, or any training aid that gives electric shocks, is barbaric and should never be applied."
Gordon Brice, Surrey, UK

"As a dog trainer, I've dealt with many "do-over" dogs who have experienced deplorable training methods from other trainers and inexperienced owners. I've found that using pain in training has basically two consequences. The dog will shut down completely or become very aggressive."
Mary Housholder, Pennsylvania, USA

Maria Emilia Tenreiro-Moon, Virginia, USA

"I could not agree more. It would be nice if whoever invented this torture devise had to wear one!!"
Yvonne Henderson, BC, Canada

"Shock collars of any sort are a form of abuse. I find it disgusting that people use shock collars as a method of "training". In no way is it training and everyone should be made aware the damages it does. Take the time to positively train your dog and you will have a happy home!"
Laura D, Alberta, Canada

"Keep up the GOOD WORK!"
Leslie Kennedy, Vancouver, Canada

"These cruel devices simply have to go"
Bruce Jackson, Auckland, New Zealand

"Every dog that I have to assess after a shock collar traumatic experience ,all of them displays reactive /aggressive behavior either towards people or dogs or worse both.This is simply abuse!No excuses, no reason for that . Train with your brain not with pain. Training is about TRUST, RESPECT & RELATIONSHIP!!!"
Monique Charbonnier, BC, Canada

"As a prof trainer I have seen horrific side effects of shock collars. It's beyond tragic that it is allowed to be used in so many countries!!!"
Pia Gibson, Stockholm, Sweden

"Check this video: People are laughing stupidly at the guy, but they don't realize that a dog with this collar lives in a state of distress. In this video, you also see that the collar strikes even when it's not the guy who's singing. So no way for him to avoid the shock."
Rachel Fuzzati, Switzerland

"These collars are as inhumane as we can get. If anyone is willing to pay for a lazy way to train a dog instead of using a pro dog trainer they don't deserve their dog in the first place."
Patricia Pierce, Auburn, GA, USA

"The use of painful methods, in the name of training, are used mainly by the uneducated to compensate for their lack of ability. When painful methods are used it is scientifically proven that the ability to learn is halted. The dog may perform the behavior to avoid the painful consequences, but that is all."
Charlene Sorrentino, New York, USA

"I don't understand how these are still classified as "humane". Why is it still ok to put these on our animals?"
Carolina Gutierrez, Texas, USA

"Ban these sick torture instruments"
Marie Ashford, Birmingham, UK

"I want shock collars to be illegal. Dog can't say no"
Sande Morgan,Minnesota, USA

"Shock collars cause pain and suffering and increase fears and anxiety in dogs. This is not training - it is terrorizing. Please ban shock collars!"
Patty Glynn, Washington, USA

" I disagree to the use of shock collars or other electronic collar devices used to modify canine behavior."
Sacha Berger, Auckland, New Zealand

"Inflicting pain and fear on any animal is not training, it is simply abuse and must stop. Reward based training and management is a very effective and humane way to change behavior in animals."
Jane Bowers, BC, Canada

Mora Smith,Bewdley, UK

"Only people who have no idea how to train a dog would consider using such a collar. I have two Border Collies and they love to show off what they can do and love being taught new things without any cruelty involved whatsoever, they are just so anxious to please us."
Anne-Marie Marshall, Westfield, UK

"This intolerably cruel practice must be banned as soon as possible."
Sarah Norris, UK

"No abuse, for whatever reason, should be acceptable."
Julie Marsland, West Yorkshire, UK

"My opinion lazy people who do not want to invest energies into proper training utilize the collars!"
Karen Harris, Colorado, USA

"What a disgrace."
Adrian Litchfield, Hampshire, UK

"Please ban those collars. They are terrible. Think of the furbabies. Would you wear a collar like that? Then why should they?"
Lelanie Munnik, Capetown, South Africa

"Pain creates obedience through fear, kindness creates obedience through love."
Stephen Sweetland, Lincs, UK

"Another act of inhumanity!!"
Rob Formby, Slough, UK

"I simply belive it is inhumane to use them. Pleese respekt the dog as you would your children."
Andra Lindhe, Sweden

"Disgusting!!! Use a clicker or treats for positive training methods or if you aren't sure join a class!!"
Laura Gilbert, West Yorkshire, UK

"There should be severe penalties for cruelty to any living creature"
Cindy Bint, Ontario, Canada

"Cruel and unnecessary, definitely need banning."
Debbie Gardner, Harrogate, UK

"End this cruelty do it to the people who think is ok see how long it takes them to protest"
Amanda Dennis, UK

"Shock collars are sick and twisted, the way some animals are treated is disgusting and the evil people who put them through hell deserve the same treatment!"
Kate Illingworth, Derbyshire, UK

"These are barbaric and why would anyone want to inflict pain on a much loved pet."
Nicola Totten, Attrim, UK

"Only people who have no idea how to train a dog would consider using such a collar. I have two Border Collies and they love to show off what they can do and love being taught new things without any cruelty involved whatsoever, they are just so anxious to please us."
Anne-Marie Marshall, Westfield, UK

"No animal on this earth, no matter how small or great, should ever be subjected to pain or suffering. We have a moral obligation to protect all of those species that we share this planet with. Using methods of torture, such as this, in order to achieve control and exert some kind of misplaced power is outrageous and abhorrent and the full weight of the law and full public exposure and condemnation must be felt by any who would dare resort to such despicable means. If such devices are even legal, then every effort in the world must be made to ban them and destroy any in circulation. Any company and anyone supporting such companies that develop and manufacture such products must be exposed and those responsible held fully accountable. We have an obligation to protect all animals and safeguard them from ill treatment and ill intention."
Suzie Daavis, Berkshire, UK

"Ban these collars"
David Reynolds, Essex, UK

"Ban this cruelty, there are other ways to train dogs, that are humane."
Arlene Huggins, Northern Ireland, UK

"Stop the barbarism."
Judi Halford, Illinois, USA

"This must stop now for these poor dogs who cannot speak to tell you about the unbearable pain they are suffering."
Laura Hardie, Glasgow, UK

"It is obvious that such devices should be banned. Look at the scientific evidence. People want quick fixes but don't realise that they come at a price. Who would have thought that Wales would lead the way."
Lousie Bishop, South Yorkshire, UK

" I think shock collars are disgusting and inhumane, everything possible needs to be done to get rid of them!!!!"
Isla Russell, Choppington, UK

"Electrocution is not an acceptable form of punishment. it's a form of torture. it is illegal to electrocute your spouse or child for pissing you off. Why then, is it legal to electrocute your dog friend? Dogs are much more vulnerable than these examples because they HAVE NO VOICE."
Ema Brown, BC, Canada

"Shock collars and other punitive methods are not 'training'. They are cruel, abusive and totally unwarranted. Anyone using these methods has no right to be anywhere near a dog."
Danni Lee, Leicestershire, UK

"Should make these owners wear them and give them a shock with every word spoken! The silence would be deafening"
Alan Shepherd, Scotland, UK

"Stop the use of these inhuman collars"
Tania Jones, Cheslynhay, UK

"Shocking to see what lengths some businesses will go to for creaming money. Have seen videos of human beings trying the shock collars on themselves and they have said it is very painful. How is it ever justified to put a shock collar for a response from a animal? What about their health, the pain ,fear they feel? Doesn't just thinking about the shock collar sound cruel? Training through instilling fear is not normal. How about a bit of love and time with them? Is it really THAT important that dogs obey the owner's every instruction? Like sit! If they don't no problem put them through a bit of shock the owner's wish will be granted!! It feels more like a loser's idea of feeling in control and a cruel shot of being in power with a animal who cannot even communicate their pain.How about owners put it on themselves for a while everytime they are unable to break a bad habit ? Hurt yourself first before hurting another, and see if you can bear the pain then and later?"
Raina Singh, Auckland, New Zealand

"Get rid of these horrible and in humane torture devices."
Marian McLeroy, Alabama, USA

"I field train my Vizslas and I am the ONLY person out there who does not use a shock collar. They are ubiquitous in the U.S. not only in field training but also in Obedience. I have seen dogs ruined by this method. These so-called trainers do not train their dogs, the shock collar to them is an easy cure-all method. It is disgusting!"
J.Elizabeth Jergens, Maryland, USA

"i agree on the shock collar, as a trainer and a LVT i have seen the damage."
Heidi Cavagnaro, New York, USA

"Shock collars are nothing but archaic torture devices. They are not a training device, but a torture device. Get rid of them now, please~!"
Barb Kendall, BC, Canada

"Shock collars are abusive treatment and should never be used on animals."
Linda Talley, Washington, USA

"Some years ago I had the misfortune to live next door to a gun-dog trainer who used the collars on his trainees. The dogs would scream in agony which was very painful to hear, but what was worse was that the SPCA was unwilling to take any action. I have since become aware that shock collars are standard training for gun dogs in North America but that they're not used in the UK. I am very pleased that you are lobbying for their ban, they truly are inventions of the devil."
Margaret McLean, BC, Canada

"Don't do to an animal, what you wouldn't do to a human"
Jasmin Wigmore, Shropshire, UK

"A dog is mans best friend and loyal for life and faithful till the end of time, if they could, please put an end to these shock collars, how would we like around our necks just think of that, yes you would not like it,so lets not use these shock collars anymore thank you."
Daniel Burnip, UK

Virginia Cromp, Quebec, Canada

"We are meant to be civilised using these are barbaric."
Allan Precious, Teeside, UK

"No animal should be forced to edure this. Not only can this cause physical damage, but emotional as well. Animals suffer from cruelty everyday and this is as badbas hitting a dog. I believe one day, there will no longer be hungry, sad and abandoned animals, but this process must start, one step at a time."
Celina Marsolais, Sudbury, Canada

"Why dont people listen to the vast majority of expert opinion on this barbaric practice. i challenge all to fit one to there own neck to see the effect"
John Brennan, Derbyshire, UK

Joy Watters, Western Australia, Australia

"Along with the inherent cruelty of inducing pain- which is a POOR teaching method, I have also seen these colars backfire- actually "locking" out dogs who made a brave exploratory jump over the bound, only to want to come back inside but too afraid. These units can scar an animal's emotions for a long long time."
Eleanor Hiteshew, Florida, USA

"Any use of punishment causing pain and fear is despicable and damages a relationship that should be based on trust and joy. There are so many alternatives for training animals that are effective and enjoyable for people and animals that any training method that causes distress and pain should be banned."
Andrea Hebbering, Thurgau, Switzerland

"I have a friend that her dog got burned. She treats her Gabby as if she her child. This is very traumatic to both pets and owners. People think they are keeping their babies safe and instead are putting them in harms way. Take them off the market."
Barbara Jenkins, Florida, USA

"Its inhumane to to cause pain for a natural behavior!!!!"
Lucia Zammarripa, Texas, USA

"Shock collars and prong collars are cruel and barbaric. Using these to train a dog does not create a healthy bond between dog and owner made of mutual respect. Trying to train a dog through fear and pain is never going to produce a well balanced and behaved dog."
Beverly Drake, UK

"the cruel ignorant people that use and defend this device believe that they are entitled to their choice to inflict pain and suffering on another creature. wow ! maybe karma will return the experience. i join all animal lovers in this quest to end the sale of choke/prong collars and shock collars. i hope i never see a collar like this on a dog in my presence, i might loose it and end up in jail"
Judith Greenwood, Stockholm, Saskatchewan

"We should stop this right now."
Ahn Seohyun, Seoul, Korea

"I am against everything,what causes a living being pain-including the shock collar---it's torture."
Birgit Wilson, Texas, USA

Marianne Padilla, New Jersey, USA

"Dogs are smart. They can be trained in 6 weeks with treats. I've watched one trained with a shock collar. Without the zapper, the dog is nearly uncontrollable. What would have taken 6 weeks has taken more than a year, and it's an ongoing process. Any one who says it doesn't hurt is a liar. I've heard that dog whine when he doesn't respond a first or second time to the shock. It's heartbreaking & cruel."
Judy Carlson, Colorado, USA

"I have always been against these but then my mom's boyfriend who is horrible to dogs put one on my dog my dog ran around screaming for a good 5 mins and I have a 180lbs outbuildings peraneise"
Brandon Hoffarth, BC, Canada

"I think it is cruelty to use a shock collar. My neighbor uses one for her dogs and it tears my heart out to hear the yipping in pain. Ban shock collars. The only time I think they may be useful is if the dog is going after someone to hurt that person. If it would detour the attack. Other than that ,no way should it be used when a dog starts to bark."
Verna Taylor, Oregon, USA

"I am absolutely sick of seeing animals injured by these collars. I look after a dog that has had these collars used on and the poor dog has suffered terribly. Put the collars on these irresponsible owners."
Barbara Smith, Queensland, Australia

"I agree with you where I people put 3 or 2 shocking collars on their dogs."
Morgan Labeau, USA

"My mom wants to get a shock collar but i disagree with her. I believe its abusive. And i love how people say well its like training a kid. Well would you shock your kid everytime they didnt listen? No. Thats called abuse. I would never do that to my dog. I want to know what are the physical risks of getting a shock collar."
Sabrina R, USA

"I am completely against any use of shock collars. It goes against my core value. Even our dog supply online store, carries absolutely no shock collar."
Jacques Halle, Quebec. Canada

"Studies have shown that shock collars are less effective than positive reinforcement training."
Tamara Dormier, USA

"Make them illegal. Also lets work together-please click mine as well for Canada. I just signed the petition: "Pass a law in Canada to make Choke Collars and Electric Shock Collars illegal." Will you join me in supporting this issue?"
Helen Palacios, Ontario, Canada

"Just took in a JRT with a shrill bark. I firmly believe his voice was damaged by a shock collar that was used to try and keep his adventurous personality under control by owners that were unaware of the potential physical damage. Please, please let's make the world aware. "
Terry Hodges, Olympia, USA

"I can't get over that is is not banned from our pets."
Shaundra Rodroguez, Georgia, USA

"There is no excuse to use torture on animals to train them or control them. Not even if you are disabled and not even a service animal. There is no magic gadget or magic pill, training animals is work, patience, and real love. I've met people who says they're an animal lover and still instruments of torture on animals, such as shock colors and spiked colors. To me they are insane."
Deborah Hodgson, San Francisco, USA

"I have a neighbor who has a beautiful friendly Australian shepard who is 3 yrs old he has shock collar on him and when people walk by he goes to the fence and you can see him shake from shock, he yelps and goes running so fast to hide. He has cists all over his neck from the shocks, I am devastated because I am two doors down and can here his cries from being shocked. Owner thinks it doesn't hurt him. This has to be stopped. Please ban shock collars, it's torture."
Rhonda Macrae, B.C., Canada

"Let's put the human back in humane!"
Jennifer Farquhar, PEI, Canada

"People who are considering using shock collars should first try it on themselves. I hope that most would then decide NOT to use it on their pet. I believe some people have good intentions, but are misled into believing these are harmless training implements, when in fact they are torture devices."
Doris Pearson, B.C., Canada

"Plain and simple - there is no need !"
Anna Sanders, Worcester, UK

"I can't believe that shock collars are still legal anywhere in the world. It is torture, plain and simple."
Whitney Rawls, Georgia, USA

"its time that we start taking a stand for our precious pets and animals that don't have a say! and our MP'S are our voice!"
Sally Macdonald, BC, Canada

"I've been force free training for over 10 years Certified by animal behaviour and training associates ABTA certified group class instructor And im a certified mentor trainer ABCMT I've spent my whole life working with rescues force free. Always questioning methods that made both myself and animals uncomfortable. that's why I'm pursuing my master trainer with specialty in reactivity. Having 4 rescues of my own with severe aggression issues over the years I know love, patience, play training and dedication can do wonders for all dogs"
Sandy Braunwarth, Calgary Alberta

"Tonight i was walking my big boy and we've met a little vijla. A puppy with an e-collar being mistreated by her owner because she wanted to play with him... It was really sad to see the puppy yelping and peeing in terror while the lady was pressing proudly the button... I've asked her why she is using such devices and she told me that this way she can keep her dog off leash... Near a busy road. I felt really bad but since the use of such devices is legal in our country I couldn't do much more for the little puppy..."
Alexandra Tudorache, Bucharest, Romania

"We have to help stop the use of shock collars"
Mary Anne Harper, NY, USA

"Thank you for your efforts in this matter."
Kristin Wolter, OR, USA

"Ban Animal Abuse Masquerading as Dog Training! We are the guardians of our pets. Stop the suffering."
Linda Michaels, California, USA

"They break our loving animals souls. They are proven to do more harm than good. I know first hand....I surrendered my loving pet to a family who unbeknown to me used one on my baby. He came back broken and aggressive. I was able to comfort him for two days.My baby loved his bones, basketballs, and was a food mooch. When I went to pick him up he ecause he turned aggressive he feared all of these things dogs love. Two days of seeing the horror before I had to put him down.Heartbreaking to think this is how my baby had to live. They need to be banned entirely. Society lived thousands of years without them. They are lazy."
Theresa Wagner, Minnesota, USA

"They can suffer just like us.Ban these cruel gadgets globally.."
Alfred DeWindt, Colebay, Sint Maarten

"Wales has banned these barbaric methods, please let England do the same, the dogs have no voice."
Elizabeth Lane, Devon, UK

"If it hurts us it will definately hurt them so please ban shock, pinch, prong and choke collars globally."
Mercedes DeWindt, Colebay, Sint Maarten

"Ban shock collars!!!"
Jacqueline Sattler, Mary's Fancy, Sint Maarten

"Shock collars are cruel and unnecessary - all dogs can trained humanely."
Roger Smith, BC, Canada

"Inflicting pain in a living creature shouldn't be considered a way of training. It should be considered what it really is, a form of cruelty."
Liliana Jerade, BC, Canada

Pixie Porcellato, BC, Canada

"Shock collars are inhumane."
Bev Dalton, NL, Canada

"Abusive and unnecessary."
Carol White, BC, Canada

"I just want to see these abolished."
Samantha Piercy, NL, Canada

"Stop shock collars"
Susanne Jol, Noord Holand, Nederland

"Shock collars are inhumane."
Bev Dalton, NL, Canada

"You have my support. Thank you for initiating this."
Fiona Mak, BC, Canada

"Animals are sentient beings who feel pain and suffering as we humans do, Please end the use of shock collars NOW"
Emily Stuparyk, MB, Canada

"SVP bannir complètement ces outils de torture qui rends le chien encore plus instable et irritable!"
Brigitte Henri, Quebec, Canada

"Shock collars are barbaric."
Jewell Wheaton, PEI, Canada

"Please ban the use of shock collars"
Deborah Deegan, California, USA

"Shock Collars are not humane. They are causing pain and stress to dogs. Animals don't deserve to be treated this way and harmed for someone's convenience. Dogs that bark most likely lack attention and care. Barking can be controlled with positive training."
Tamara Ciric Cox, Nova scotia, Canada

"Please stop this torture . They is no need to use this tool to train . It's abuse full stop"
Helen McGee, Limerick, Ireland

"Shock collars are barbaric"
Marianne Shanley, New York, USA

"How these devices could ever exist is beyond me!!!! If you cannot raised an animal without cruelty I think its time for you to realize that you should NOT have one to begin with!!! These animals will be like a 2 year old infant for the rest of their life! Are you sure that you, and you and you are ready for that??????????? It takes patience, understanding, love and praise and this for the rest of their life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Francine Fortin, Calgary, Canada

"I want shock collars banned"
Lorie Chabot, SK Canada

"I want to see all shock collars banned."
Gini Denbeste, Nevada, USA

"Positive reinforcement is kind, effective and permanent. Shock collars, along with prong collars and choke chains, are cruel and lead to fear and unwanted behaviours which could be dangerous. No one who claims to be human should wish to use them. Ban them."
Sharon Bailey, UK

"Ban shock collars"
Jason Jonckheere, Belgium

"Scientific studies show that training through negative reenforcement isn't as effective as positive reenforcement."
Reid Maxwell, Alberta, Canada

"If you wouldn't do it to your child, why would you do it to your dog?"
Savannah Ford, PEI, Canada

"Shock collars are abuse."
Jaqueline Creedon, CA, USA

"Positive reinforcement gets results"
Stacy White, Canada

"We the undersigned oppose the sale and use of shock collars on all animals. We condemn the use of any shock device that an animal cannot escape from. Ample expert testimony, documented evidence and scientific studies are available that explicitly affirms the fact that shocking animals cause mental and physical agony and injury. The many positive and effective alternative training methods render inflicting pain to train unnecessary. Using shock devices to train any sentient being is unconscionable. Together we can protect the most vulnerable among us by disabling the abuser."
Hayley Bouchard, BC, Canada

"I'm tired of walking by a dog's yard and hearing barking, then howling and extended painful howling. I assume that a shock collar is the cause. How can this be legal? (Walking by once is enough to know I need to take a different route. But there is always the chance of a similar scenario down a different street.) Your photos show neglect and abuse beyond belief. No dog or creature should face such obvious abuse."
Karla Krieg, Oregon, USA

"I believe it is cruel and inhumane to use shock collars on any animal."
Martha Russell, Oregon, USA

"These devices are cruel and horrific. I can't believe they were ever even created and legalized for use in the first place. These barbaric devices need to be banned, with criminal charges imposed on anyone who uses them."
Ashley Rey, New Jersey, USA

"Stop selling , making and using chock collars"
Claudette Babineau, New Brunswick, Canada

"This is animal abuse no doubt. I wish they were already banned. I know someone who is about to do this to a dog without even attempting basic training or other options out of pure laziness."
PJ, Ontario, Canada

"Ample empirical research shows that the pain of electric shock increases aggressive tendencies in dogs. Shock collars hurt dogs, but they also hurt humans."
Kelly Tedford, BC, Canada

"I am a Canadian veterinarian pursuing specialized training in Behaviour Medicine. Shock collars are proven to cause fear, anxiety, and stress in dogs, AND increase their risk for showing aggressive behaviours even when used 'appropriately.' Inappropriate use can and often does cause serious injury. Banning their use and sale will protect animal welfare and public safety and I would STRONGLY recommend it."
Karen van Haaften, California, USA

"It's time to end the abuse on animals"
Charta Sharma, PA, USA

"Ban shock collars, don't promote the abuse of animals."
Bradley Oxford, BC, Canada

"No shock collars, inhumane"
Barb Jackson, Ontario, Canada

"When I learned this so called pet trainer had moved to Edmond, Ok and used shock collars to "train" dogs, I have tried to alert everyone I can to the fact that the shock collar is considered abusive. Lukas Miller the owner of Sit Means Sit had a dog in his care get loose. In order to locate the dog, he turned the collar up to its highest setting hoping the dog would squeal loud enough that he would be able to locate the dog. He was charged with animal cruelty, but as in most of these cases the charges were dropped"
Margaret Matzinger, Oklahoma, USA

"Ban shock collars"
Leanne Tucker, Ontario, Canada

"Positive training is the only way forward."
Lora George, Hampshire, England

"Shock collars are abuse."
Kiera Bryant, Ont, Canada

"This is abuse. It's cruel and painful. When dogs bark they are trying to tell you something! The answer is NOT to silence their voice, it's to listen."
Briana Wright, California,USA

"Please ban these barbaric devices"
Greg Savage, Quebec, Canada

"Using fear, punishment, and force to achieve a desired behavior is torture, not training!"
Courtney Scott, NC, USA

"Electrifying a dog to make him act is completely inhuman!!!"
Rebecca Kightlinger, Texas, USA

Nathan Cool, QC, Canada

"Too many untrained owners using them incorrectly, thereby abusing their animals."
Denise Adams, CA, USA

"It is a barbaric practice and must be banned immediately! #EndAnimalCruelty #BanShockCollars"
Russell Mahmud, OK, USA

Mariah Brown, Nevada, USA

"Ban Shock Collars"
Tanya Cosentino, Ontario, Canada

"I think they are barbaric. Would you put one on your child"
Jane Jones, Holyhead, Wales

"Training with shock collars is nothing short of abuse and we must educate people about proper positive, scientifically-supported training methods that do not involve pain, force or fear."
Melanie McKeever, FL, USA

"The best dog training is the one that leads to great bond, trust, and respect with our furry friend. Respect isn't earned with force."
Claire Cocheme, AB, Canada

"These abusive tools have no place in dog training today."
Andrea Goldsmith, AB, Canada

"Shock collars are sold to people who have no knowledge of dog psychology, behavior, or force free training techniques. In such hands these are instruments of torture! Ban the sale of all shock collars!!!!"
Elsie English, Texas, USA

"Please ban this horrid tool."
Suzanne Elias, Ontario, Canada

"shock collars cause needless suffering to animals. Using shock devices to train any sentient being is unconscionable"
Eirini Lappa, Greece

"This kind of cruelty cannot be tolerated. Who would want a robot for a dog anyway? The idea is to share life's joys with a dog, not beat it into submission."
Dee Warrener, BC, Canada

"I'm appalled to see professional dog trainers using these collars to train dogs! I see zap happy dog owners at parks shocking their dogs into submission. I have had other people's dogs come running over to me more than once at the park, tail between the legs, terrified and completely shut down. The sad thing is that the owner is completely oblivious to the stress and pain he/she is inflicting on the dog. I have trained my own dog quite well WITHOUT a shock collar! No dog should be trained by using fear of pain or negative reinforcement. It is cruel and completely unnecessary."
Sharon E, Arizona, USA

"For decades research has been conducted on animals which has clearly demonstrated the effect of shock on animals. In 1965, psychologist Martin Seligman discovered "learned helplessness" in dogs when he restrained them and delivered a sound followed by an electrical shock. When these 'conditioned' dogs were later placed in a box they could easily jump out of, and the shock was delivered, the dogs just laid there and did not try to escape. There is no need nor excuse for the use of shock in training animals when we have the knowledge of how to train them, not just more humanely, but more effectively without it."
Lucinda Ludwig, USA

"It's flat out abuse and isn't trainjng they don't teach a dog anything only hurt them for making mistakes that's our job to prevent and train they also cause negative associations that lead to worse long term issues"
Andrew Lewis, KY, USA

"There are positive ways of training your dog that do not involve discomfort. A person that says any different isn't educated enough to be allowed to have a dog in the first place."
Rebekah Lewis, KY, USA

"I own a Taser, out of curiosity I had a friend try it on me. It felt like a lit cigarette on my skin. Electroshock is torture. If you don't believe it, try it on yourself."
simone Hickman, FL, USA

"There's nothing 'humane' about shock collars, no responsible dog owner should ever use them"
Nye Davis, Nottinghamshire, England

"My parents used to use one on the family dog growing up, so I saw the harm it did. It didn't "teach" my dog anything. We took it off and never looked back :)"
Williams Nye, Ottawa, Canada

"Shock collars are wrong and immoral!!!"
Celine Torres, CO, USA

"End this!"
Stephanie Hurtubise, Ontario, Canada

"Please ban these collars, very cruel!"
Colleen Opaski, Ontario, Canada

"I believe shock, prong and choke are lazy excuses to not properly train a dog. They are force training methods that are extremely cruel and pointless. All they teach is do what I say or I'll hurt you. Head halters do just as well a job as these hellian collars, Any shock device... Used to instil strict obedience in any creature, only makes the human more of an animal, and the animal more of a victim."
Ashley Passino, Dallas, USA

"Theses collars are cruel and need banning in all countries."
Michelle Howard, Cheshire, England

"Horrible abuse to dogs, especially small dogs that have been on a shock collar for 4 years. Should be banned immediately."
Jan Benton, CA, USA

"Please ban all the collars. They are damaging psychologically."
Michelle Howard, Cheshire, England

"They are for the sick & lazy dog owners !"
Mell Jackson, Essex, UK

"Please ban all the collars. They are damaging psychologically."
Jodi Igard, CA, USA

"They are for the sick & lazy dog owners !"
Mell Jackson, Essex, UK

"I believe that this ban would make people use gentler methods when training that may take a little longer but have better results in the end than using pain to train."
Katherine Nance, Texas, USA

"veterinarian's who suggest or approve of shock collars should be revoked of their licences."
Myles Reid, Indiana, USA

"I am shocked they're legal and sold anywhere- DISGUSTING!!"
Rubia Sabatini, Ont, Canada

"It is not a training tool, it is a torturing tool which at best 'only' causes pain, but in many cases it may cause extreme fears. In the worst case it might end up in learned helplessness."
Christine Middendorf, NRW, Germany

"Shock collars should be banned. There is no justification for the use of pain to communicate with dogs."
Katherine Breeden, Arizona, USA

Elizabeth Mendivil, CA, USA

"Cruelty has to end!"
Christy Noullet, Georgia, USA

"I love dogs and they should be trained not shocked. If you don't have time for him don't get one"
Sandy Muscat, Malta

"Ban the use of shock collars on animals. This is not right and no animal should EVER be treated like this."
Charlotte Pinner, VIC, Australia

Kathryn Landman, KZN, South Africa

Christine Powell, KZN, South Africa

"Every day I wish shock collars were banned in the US."
Andrea Grinstead, Missouri, USA

"I believe Inpositive training methods and a complete ban on harmful cruel training."
Dianne Kerr, Bearsden, Scotland

"My dog went through a horrible experience with a boarding facility, who put a shock collar on her without my permission. Please ban the use of shock collars."
Sarah Gabriel, San Bernardino, USA

"My son and his girlfriend use it on their sweet innocent golden retriever its just a sickning site just so inhuman, somebody should do that top them"
Karen Sue, Ohio, USA

"I believe education is the key to putting an end to the use of shock collars and all forms of aversive training. Dog guardians need to know the damage they are doing to their pets by using these torture devices."
Julie Davidson, BC, Canada

"Using shock collars is animal cruelty! !! Stop it, better yesterday than tomorrow! !!!"
Melanie Marquering, Alberta, Canada

"I feel this is abuse and needs to end!!!!!"
Cindy Fry, Wisconsin, USA

"How can I get involved with this movement to spread the ban on shock collars to the United States? Do I approach my local city council, or the largest city near me (Chicago)? Do we approach mega chain retailers such as PetsMart & PetCo, or focus on the consumer, who will then no longer buy what they're selling? Thank you so much. I had no idea this movement already existed & I am ready to do what I can do further it."
Julia Lane, Illinois, USA

"Ban Shock Collars!!!!"
Donna Orlowski, Illinois, Canada

"I hope this ban reaches Alaska as well. Thank you for putting up this site and this petition."
Angelas Roland, Alaska, USA

"these should all be banned, they are just cruel."
Nicole Lewis, Missouri, USA

"Yes they need to be banned"
Christopher Wisniewski, MD, USA

"I support the BAN of shock collars (e-collars) worldwide. Have yet to see a dog trained on a shock collar work with animation, eagerness, a happy tail, eye contact with handler, and trust. If the day came that shock collars were banned, there are countless "trainers" who wouldn't have a clue how to train. Or what to do with two empty hands! Tired of seeing videos uploaded by "trainers" who perpetually hold a remote in their hand ready to ZAP the dog. A dog's body language says it all and those trained with pain can be spotted in every gesture they make. And the reverse. Dogs trained without positive punishment, but with positive reinforcement of play, food, toys, and praise radiate joy and enthusiasm. BAN shock collars."
Mara Summers, Victoria, Canada

"My dog Mina received a burn on her neck from the use of a shock collar. We were told to use it for behavior training by the pet store and trusted them. We barely used it and used it as directed when we did and she managed to receive awful 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her neck. The company blamed the battery instead but she had 2 tong marks in her neck showing her burn wasn't from a battery malfunction but the tongs from the shock collar instead. It still hasn't been rectified and they refuse to return any calls or emails. The company doesn't want to take responsibility and neither will the pet store for selling us a defective one. So we were stuck with Mina's bill. We are on disability now my husband and I with a toddler and 2 dogs. All shock collars are dangerous and not good to use and should be banned. I don't want another owner experiencing the sight I saw when I saw my poor baby's neck. I had nightmares for weeks and still cry when I think about it. It added to my PTSD. Ban these things now since they hurt the dog but also the owner. I'm a prime example of that. Thanks."
Beth Gibbons, Ottawa, Canada

"We live in a time that dogs are considered part of the family and giving them a shock is not a way to treat family. The whole devise belongs to the past, to concentration camps used for forturing the prisoners. We need to close that chapter and move forwards a more civil ways of treating animals."
Shirin Zah, BC, Canada

"This is a crual and inhumane method, using treats is more efficient"
Christopher Wisniewski, MD, USA

"Please ban shock collars"
Ingrid Brunette, BC, Canada

"The use of shock in dog training is not necessary, and can be harmful, both in terms of mental as well as physical damage to dogs. There are much more effective and efficient ways to train dogs and other animals other than by the use of coercion, intimidation and pain."
Lucinda Ludwig, M.A., B.S., R.N.,KPA-CTP, CPDT-KA, Missouri, USA

"Shock collars are cruel and unneccesary"
Jasmine Molloy, Northamptonshire, England

"They are toarture"
Gary Klose, PA, USA

"Ban this barbaric behaviour"
Jess Sontag, Ontario, Canada

"There's never going to be an excuse for using shock collars"
Louise Bishop, South Yorkshire, England

"Shock collars are not only cruel, but they also cause lasting mental and physical damage to animals. Please ban shock collars."
Donna Zaikai, Michigan, USA

"I believe the most effective strategy for shock collar cessation is education about the science behind and efficacy of positive reinforcement for solvimg behavioral and barking issues. "
Lori Waggoner, CA, USA

"Shock collars should have NEVER been invented. I am a dog trainer and I have NEVER used a shock device, e-collar, training collar, etc. I only use POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT that is FORCE FREE! I have the dogs choose whether or not they want to work for me without having to force them or shock them. Using a shock collar on any animal is animal ABUSE! You are literally sending volts of ELECTRICITY into your dogs neck! How is this been allowed? Are people so stupid?! Get off your lazy butt and train your dog correctly! One of the problems is that using a shock collar with an animal not only hurts them physically, but ruins then mentally."
Christine Schlock, OH, USA

"Thiss is a crual and inhumane method, using treats is more effisient"
Laure-lee Le Roux, Western Cape, South Africa

Trina Johnson, BC, Canada

"The reaserch speaks for itself"
Nina Bailey, North Carolina, USA

"This is an obvious animal cruelty. Stop selling it !"
Maryam Kargozar, Ontario, Canada

"These collars should be Banned Outright because they are not in the Interest of the Animal."
Kay Roberts, UK

"shock collars on all animals. Should be a crime"
Dena Clemens, Texas, USA

"Animal abuse is one of the most ugly heinous and despicable acts . The suffering caused to sentient beings that are not able to defend or speak for themselves is unforgivable. Please speak out for them"
Uma Amersey, Utah, USA

"We recently and regrettably allowed a so called trainer to use one on our very high strung dog during a 10 day boot camp. It's use was to be if only needed and for the protection of him and other dogs. It was used the entire 10 days and was on him when he was returned home and we were encouraged to get one and use it. We then discovered a few abrasions on his neck where the collar had been and quickly decided to not use one, not that we wanted to anyway, we never liked them. We were also told to use level 6 of 8 levels or he wouldn't feel the vibrations (her word for shock). We tried a collar ourselves for a couple days, same make and model as the trainers and he responded to level 2 everytime. He was also very on edge and jumpy his first few days home, we understand why now after some research. We have returned to rewarding good behaviour mostly and have 2 happy eager to learn dogs again. We should have followed our instincts and refused the use of the collar and will not make this mistake again."
Chris Mountainy, Ontario, Canada

"Shock collars are a cruel and inhumane object. They hurt and mentally scar the animals they are used on. As the people have said, shock collars have no place in today's society."
Madeline Bach, Minnesota, USA

"Dogs are living beings. Shocking them for barking is the equivalent of shocking a human being for speaking. We are the only species that hates, tortures, and enslaves, the most destructive beings ever to exist, and yet we consider ourselves morally superior to all others. When will we reveal this supposed superiority and end all the unnecessary, heinous suffering of the sentient beings who have no voice?"
Simone Santos, NC, USA

"This is cruelty plain and simple. If someone has to inflict pain on their dog under the guise of "training" its best they think about having the responsibility and care of any living being."
Fearn Edmonds, BC, Canada

"I strongly believe that the use of shock collars on any animal should be banned as it's animal cruelty and at worst murder, I have seen too many awful cases where a otherwise healthy dogor cat had to be put down because of shock collar damage. and whilst I am not a vet or medical practitioner I urge people to stop using this in-humain and leathal method to train their animals please sign this petition​ if you strongly believe that animal cruelty is unacceptable in any society."
James Jackman, UK

"Please ban all shock collars. So many dogs are badly injured every day from them. They are cruel and abusive. Thank you."
Jodi Izard, CA, USA

"Shock collars are terrible - no animal deserves to wear them."
Franziska Eber, Niedersachsen, Deutschland

"Downright inhumane. Please stop it"
Rowena Carino, Bicol, Phillipines

"I am a force free dog trainer. No need for those collars!"
Miri Stollar, Israel

"Shock collars are cruel. it is possible to train your dog without them."
Sarah Lawrence, Ontario, Canada

"I've been waiting to sign something like this.. Its amazing Shock collars are sold so freely to any uneducated owner as a means of "training". Soo incredibly sad Irresponsible and unethical. Something needs to put a stop to it!"
Alanna Johnson, NH, USA

"I support one thousand percent stopping these shock collars. Whoever invented this was obviously not a dog lover cause no dog need a collar shocking them if anything it should be the owner of any dog wearing such a collar cause obviously if u need to put one on a dog it’s because that owner probably or definitely should never own an animal. No excuse if you take care and teach respect and discipline, you will be the happiest owner in the world. I had dogs all my life and have 4 German Shepherds at the moment for the last 2 and half years and also two others over 55 months!! They are soo well behave they actually put probably 75 percent of the world population to shame for having more manners and respect they ever will!! P.S. I have met the people responsible for this web site today husband and wife and I can say I felt so much honesty and love for animals from them and I do not get involved with not many people. In the last 10 or 15 years cause I love the company of my dogs, they don’t argue, don’t always ask for money, or lie like soo many people these days. I am happier than I ever been since being with animals in my life 24 /7. I really support those people for trying to stop making dogs suffer for people’s mistake! Sincerely yours my furry friends, "
Joseph Gaudreault, Surrey, BC

"Electric shock collars confuse the animal. We are to train with positive praise and rewards like we would with our children, employees, etc. ESC's are abusive and hurt the animal physically, mentally, emotionally, and cause stress, fear, confusion. I am against them, and ask for everyone considering using them to research them."
Patty Burns, Florida, USA

"I'm signing because using shock collars on innocent animals is wrong."
Ryan Yates, Georgia, USA

"Anyone who would use this does not deserve to have a beautiful dog or cat in their lives. This is the true definition of cruelty. If you wouldn't put this on your children then why would you think you have the right to put one on an animal! True disgust for the creator of this disgusting atrocity!"
Aspasia Zacharias, Ontario, Canada

"Just down right cruel"
Jaime Sadler, Ontario, Canada

"We can do this"
Lisa Magri, Framingham, MA, USA

"Since we have solid evidence that every behavior problem with every size or breed of dog can be solved without the use of pain, fear, or intimidation, there is no valid reason to use shock collars. Further, their use comes with too much potential to make problems worse instead of better. We need to join other developed nations who have banned their use. If we must start with one state, let it be ours."
Tim Steele, CA, USA

"If I wouldn't use it on a human, I wouldn't use it on any other sentient beings."
Kathy Nizzari, NY, USA

Kendra Clark, Florida, USA

"Shock collars are inhumane and if you have to use one, it should only be the light setting for at night and not for shocking your dog's neck and causing them pain. There are much better ways to train your dog than being lazy and causing your dog pain."
Alexis Sterkeson, Georgia USA

"As a dog trainer in the USA I have seen firsthand how damaging shock collars can be. I can't believe some trainers still recommend them and consumers can buy them from almost any pet store. I have always believed in kindness and positive reinforcement training. I also feel we will see these collars diminishing in the marketplace as advocates come forward. Bless this petition and the all the people behind it."
Janet Deaton, MI, USA

"Shock collars are inhumane, dangerous to animals and people (can cause a dog to become aggressive) and unnecessary to training. These devices should be banned."
Erin Sullivan, Maryland, USA

"If you wouldn't put it on your child you shouldn't put it on your pets."
Jordan Zurowski, Saskatchewan, Canada

"If you can't handle training a dog, then don't get a damn dog. The dog shouldn't have to suffer for your incompetence."
Jessica Mooney, BC, Canada

"Why would anyone want to inflict pain on a loved companion animal when there are so many more effective methods of training a dog (i.e., positive reinforcement)..... particularly when use of a shock collar can potentially create aggression in an animal that has never, ever been aggressive behavior. I know that often people are mis-informed -- "It's just a tingle. The training website I go to condones' them". Companies that sell them lead one to believe they are safe and effective when in reality that ARE NOT...... rather they are a danger. Shock collars should be banned!"
Diane Kinder, CA, USA

"we should't live in a world were we hurt animals.we should live in a world were we protect all thank u guys for making this petition."
Maria Soto, FL, USA

"Ban shock collars!"
Hannah Sophia, Quebec, Canada

"I'm watching my neighbours dog slowly going out of his mind from this device."
Bonita Ryan, Alberta, Canada

"It hurts me physically when I see dogs getting shocked. I saw this video where the owner was doing it for fun and I was crying my eyes out."
Donna Gashi, Kosovo

"Please ban shock collars. They cause suffering of animals."
Patty Sullivan, Sault Ste. Marie, Canada

"If you train a dog using love and rewards you do not need a shock collar!"
Sharon Schacter, BC, Canada

"Shock collars should be banned in all countries."
Pam Hagy, TN, USA

"There is no justification for using shock collars....none. Ban these horrible things now."
Susan Reynolds, Ontario, Canada

"I don't think animals hurt and punished. Why would you when you can train them using rewards."
Susan Flavell, Western Australia

"E collars, prong collars and choke chains should ALL be banned."
Holly Martin, Ontario, Canada

"I have so much love for all animals, domestic and wild. It hurts my heart to know or see a poor thing get hurt in any way, it also makes very angry and like people even less than I already do. Let's stand up for our beautiful creatures because they need us."
Jenny Prokopova, BC, Canada

"I love animals so much and anyone who uses one should have to wear one themselves"
Thomas Johnston, BC, Canada

"It's time to train without pain and stop the Abuse!"
Irene Gillis, Nova Scotia, Canada

"I recently learned, my neighbor is using a shock collar on his dogs. The dogs bark contenulously. The neighbor is the guilty one not the dog. This is cruelty to animals. The owner needs to be wearing the collar. He leave the dos in a cage over night and unattended. This needs to stop for cruel animal owners."
Linda Hanley, Ca, USA

"Shock collars are horrible and should be banned everywhere."
David Goldman, BC, Canada

"Learning should not involve pain"
Alishia Danychuk, AB, Canada

"If you can not train a dog without the use of these tools, you should not be a trainer. If you can, then you understand that you do not really ever need to use them. These are abusive, archaic, and should have never been around in the first place."
Kristin Smithers, PA, USA

"Shock collars are long overdue to be banned worldwide."
Jeanne Ruder, NC, USA

"What a barbaric thing to do to any poor animal"
Sheena Frew, North Ayrshire, Scotland

"These barbaric devices should belong in history like the Iron Maiden and the Rack. They have NO place in modern society, and what dog lover would actually be willing to use them on their pets ? Only those who have no care or compassion, and who should buy a fluffy toy if they want instant obedience !"
Victoria Thomas, UK

"Shock Collars are completely unnecessary in the training and behavior modification of any animals."
Natalie Hawkins, Colorado, USA

Charity Brewer, AB, Canada

"I can not believe shock collars are still allowed here and, not even regulated. My neighbours just put one on their 6 months old, undersocialized Shepherd puppy and hearing him scream when they use it is horrible. Even worse is almost, that they took his voice away that way- he does not dare make a sound now most often. A truly horrifying device."
Verena von Eichborn, BC, Canada

Additional Petition Supporters

  • James O'Heare, Ontario, Canada
  • Monika Biernacki, NWS, Australia
  • Melissa Mari-Dale, NWS, Australia
  • Valerie Scott, NWS, Australia
  • Hayley Dormer, NWS, Australia
  • Dr. John Wedderburn, Hong Kong, China
  • Erika Vlachova, Czech Republic
  • Trevor Boyle, Victoria, Australia
  • Hannah Graydon, NSW, Australia
  • Audrey Flagel, Burnaby, Canada
  • Merryn Boulton, NSW, Australia
  • Melissa McMahon, NSW, Australia
  • Marie-Anne Misteri, Luxembourg
  • Janet Hansen, Upper Galilee, Israel
  • Sylvia Kim, B.C. Canada
  • Lauren Michaeli, New York USA
  • Lindsay Vick, MA, USA
  • Shirley Ripullone, New York, USA
  • Hyejin Lee, Coquitlam, B.C.
  • Dana Rocco, New York, USA
  • Yongjun Rhee, B.C. Canada
  • Jennifer Knox, NJ, USA
  • Jennifer Smith, NJ, USA
  • Leonard Cecil, BL, Switzerland
  • Terri M. Goodwin, Florida, USA
  • Andina Faragher, Australia
  • Petra Edwards, South Australia, Australia
  • Rebecca Margo, Florida, USA
  • Robert Ross, New Jersey, USA
  • Megan E Miller, NJ, USA
  • Ivonne Acevedo, Illinois, USA
  • Frances Dauster CPDT, Alabama, USA
  • Ali Reher, Toronto Ontario Canada
  • Jeanette Marcus, Forida USA
  • Lisa Giesick, Hawaii, USA
  • Judy Luther, Missouri, USA
  • Jamie K Kitz, CA, USA
  • Deborah Calvert, Ontario Canada
  • Kellie Roberts, Ohio, USA
  • Julie Sementini, USA
  • Lauri Bowen-Vaccare, ABCDT, IPDTA
  • Jose Cervantes, Illinois, USA
  • Mary Ramirez, Illinois, USA
  • Leo Skibbild Jepsen, Denmark
  • Michelle Angelico, USA
  • Donna Hall, Vancouver, B.C. Canada
  • P's and Q's Dog Training!, USA
  • Jean Daniels, Ontario Canada
  • Andrée Sauvageau, Quebec, Canada
  • Jessica Croezen, Ontario, Canada
  • Christina Natichioni, North Carolina, USA
  • Cynthia Gordon, Fl, USA
  • Shanon McAuliffe, Maryland, USA
  • Yvonne Eberling, New York, USA
  • Yasmine Saad, Gliwice, Poland
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  • Natalie Van Leekwijck, Antwerpen, Belgium
  • Diane and Syd Marcus, Il, USA
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  • Mavis Petrie, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom
  • Marie Van Dingenen, CT, USA
  • Lesley Dove, London, United Kingdom
  • Buisson, Louisiana, France
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  • J. Lin, B.C. Canada
  • Maya Sahin, Burgis, Bulgaria
  • Jeremy Tardiff, CA, USA
  • Alithea Nunes, B.C. Canada
  • Denise, New Westminster, B.C.
  • Angela Black, USA
  • Gerie Madak, NJ, USA
  • Linda Michaels, CA, USA
  • Deirdre Haugo B.C. Canada
  • Robin Baizel, Nevada, USA
  • Wendy Dearing Tx, USA
  • Dawn Amolsch, OH, USA
  • Glenna Padley, Pitt Meadows, B.C.
  • Paul Emerson CPDT-KA, Hudson MA, USA
  • Monique den Biesen, Kamloops B.C.
  • Kit Carroll, Edmonton Alberta
  • Dan Boyer, B.C., Canada
  • Loria Resek, B.C., Canada
  • Chris Smith, B.C., Canada
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  • Susan Mahoney, Syracuse, NY
  • Carolyn Palmer, East Sussex, UK
  • Alisha Damani, B.C., Canada
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  • Ivar C. Fossen, B.C. Canada
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  • Sabrina Roesner, Baden Wazrttemberg, Germany
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  • Anastasia Glazunova, B.C., Canada
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  • Santusha Lachman, Friesland, Netherlands
  • Shakuntala Lachman, Friesland, Netherlands
  • Claire Bennett, Ontario, Canada
  • Kimberly Plant, B.C., Canada
  • Sharon Barr, Ontario, Canada
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Together we can protect the most vulnerable among us by banning outright the sale and use of shock collars on all animals throughout the world. Please sign the on-line Global Petition

If you witness animal abuse with or without the use of a shock device, please do not delay in calling the police or an animal organization in your area. If by reporting the abuse you feel your safety is at risk tell the authorities you wish to remain anonymous